Hi, I am visiting athens with a friend for a weekend and need to know what are the top night life places like pubs and night clubs?


City: Athens

Region: Attiki

Country: Greece


Good afternoon my friend!
If you want some top top places for nightlife,like pubs,clubs or restaurants I highly advise you to visit Gazi area in Athens (you can go there by the METRO and stop at Kerameikos stop),or you can visit the places that are around the Monastiraki area. There are lots of great bars,you can taste some really nice food and see lots of people
hi there, Gazi is good choise and also you can go to Karitsi square and all around the area of the old Parliement (Boulis street). There you will find a great bars and pubs with great coctails and nice people. Hot Spot!!
Hi, your question is a difficult one. Everywhere in Athens is busy. Hotspots are all over the place, it's really a preference thing. Good restaurants and authentic food in and around the Plaka. But you can just walk around. Most restaurants have menu's placed outside so you can check out prices and selections before you even enter. As for partying, go with the flow.
As Sheraine says, the nightlife is widespread. If you're looking for a pub atmosphere or just good places to drink, there are some nice places in Kolonaki like the Low Profile off of Amerikis, the Rosebud Cafe Bar and Skoufaki on Skoufa Street, and several places along Millioni Street like Jackson Hall. Within the area of Psyrri (just around Monastiraki Square off of Ermou Street) you'll find earthier places and maybe a younger crowd. I like Cantina Social and Six D.O.G.S. My favorite bar is Booze Cooperativa off of Kolokotroni Street

It's in a non touristy area behind Syntagma that's up and coming with several interesting little bars and clubs already popular with the locals.

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