asalamalakum! is zamalek or downtown best place to stay in cairo, to go out in the evening (rest, bar etc) and walk back to the hotel?...



City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


Dear Sir,
It will be my pleasure to help u
you can stay in hotel in zamalek
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I would prefer Zamalek to stay and you can go to restaurants...etc in Downtown and zamalek. they are not far from each others
absolutely zamalek would be the spot easy access to everything .... chilled area
we alikom el salam , zamalek is the best place wich you can stay in it as you will go to every place you like it in evening and morning.
i can help you if you want iwait your calling
I would prefer Zamalek to stay and you can go to restaurants , bars and cafes and its nice place with alot of good hotels

if u need more help contact me
it's good
mixed with old and new buildings
near the Cairo Tower and on the Nile river
it has the most famous cultural hall it's called Sakiet Al Sawy where you can find almost all kinds of music from Jazz, Rock to classic
many hotels... and a petty view ..err.. the pyramids are near then.
to be honest it's beautiful If i could help or organize something let me know
contact at
it is 10 min. walk between Zamalek and Downtown on magical river nile side ENJOT IT. for any help

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