we are needing a private taxi from the super club super fun resort to some local atractions,with suggestions on where the good attractions

would be,please give me your email so we can connect before the the 8th of march


City: Montego Bay

Parish: Saint James

Country: Jamaica


my email address is email or email you may call me at (876)-366-5755 (mobile) or (876)-967-1127 (home)

I am assuming your are in Montego Bay then the first place you would want to visit is Rosehall Estates this only 20 - 25 minutes drive from the town so it should not be so expensive. My name is Lisa and my e-mail is email, you may also contact me at 876 835 9258,

All the best on your adventures

I believe that Rosehall is good, bujt kind of boring on its own, I recommend that they go to Dunns River as well, they could also go to Dolphin Cove in Ocho or Mystic Mountain.
Hi ! My e-mail address is email
I can recommend Green Grotto Caves, Dunns River Falls, Bob Marley/Nine Mile tour, Horseback Riding, Bamboo Rafting and Glistening Waters @ website
Hello My email is email I Live in the area where you will be staying. Most of the answers that you have received so far they live very far away from the hotel. I am 15 minutes away and I am a licence driver by the Jamaica Tourist Board.
I believe this is reasonable as persons from far away will charge more.
Hello there,you can reach us at email
Considering you are already on the North Coast attractions would include Dunns River, Dolphin Cove, Mystic Mountain as well as a tour of the Green Grotto long would the tour be? How many persons would be on the tour...I am available for this tour and can be contacted at email
You can ask the frontdesk staff at your hotel to arrange for a trip to Ocho Rios where you can visit the famous Dunns River Falls, on your way there you couls stop at Green Grotto Caves and Rosehall Great House.
hi my email is email i will be happy to help u .
As far as I know Super fun is in Runaway Bay which is 15 mins from Ocho Rios where Mystic Mountain, Dunns River, Dolphin Cove and Fern Gully are located. Chukka Cove is 10mins away and they will collect you for any of their excursions as will Dolphin Cove. In Discovery Bay 10mins away you can also vist the Green Grotto Caves. Your in the right place to see some of the best Jamaica has to offer. Great shopping in Ochi for sovenirs some really good restaurants, Polo on Thursdays and Saturdays at Drax Hall, Jerk at Scotchies Mammee Bay we got it all and only a short distance away. Have Fun!
Well Nile if u want to do some Island hopping we could start from your location and touch base with Outameni in Trelawny, Green grotto, Duns river, Turtle river park, Seville Great House among others in St Ann, grab some food in Faiths Pen in the hills of St Ann. Them list is enormous so you just have to pick a few and use time wisely and you are sure to enjoy it all.

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