where to party?


Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary


To choose the right party you may check free local pastime magazines, such as Pestiest, Exit and Flyerz, you find in popular restaurants, bars and cafes. Though these are in Hungarian, there are some international words that ring a bell – sex, rock’n’roll, DJ, party.. :)

In Summer you can find many open air disco-s on Margitsziget (Margit island) or by Petöfi Bridge on Buda side.
There are a lot of dance clubs of course just some exampl.:
Chachacha VI. Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 63
Dokk Club III. Hajógyári sziget 123
Fat Mo's Music Pub V. Nyáry Pál utca 11
Gödör Klub V. Erzsébet tér
Jam Pub II. Lövőház utca 1-3 (Mammut plaza)
Kuplung VI. Király utca 46
Moulin Rouge VI. Nagymező utca 17
A38 ship
Alcatraz Restaurant & Club VII. Nyár utca 1
B7 VI. Nagymező utca 46-48
Bahnhof Music Club VI. Teréz krt 55, Nyugyati Pu.
If you come, while its still nice weather here, there are so many outdoor pubs and restaurant by the Danube, at Buda side, and BeerTent and Kertem in Városliget, at Pest side. But also in the center u will find so many good places.
There are many events in Hungary with different kinds of music, so you can choose.
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The best hang out spot is definitly Szimpla Kert, the best club depends on your taste, Budapest has everything from crowded teenage places and kareoke bars to fancy loung clubs and trance clubs.
you can find program, here . if you stay in budapest at the moment, seek for free program-brochures in cafés or restaurants called "pesti est" or "flyerz"
ciao, mihaly ;)
rio, zold pardon and the a38 boat. all near each other

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