My friend, George, met you last week in Cuenca. We are considering moving there soon, but are concerned about our dogs.

You mentioned you brought your dog. We like the old Colonial area, but is there a place to have (walk) dogs and play areas for them? We want to avoid the gated community scene.


City: Cuenca

Province: Azuay

Country: Ecuador


Say hello to George for me.

Depending on where in colonial section of Cuenca that you'll live, you could head to the river (Río Tomebamba), which is a large green space, or up to the Heroes de Verdeloma area, which has a bit of greenspace.

Or go to one of the plazas that dot the downtown area. Many have a bit of grass. Just be sure to pick up after the dog, because the neighbourhood kids play in the parks.
Thanks Jeff. We are encouraged-- the dogs are very essential to our lifestyle. Look forward to meeting you in Cuenca. I'm from NC too, Wilmington. Where is your wife from?
Hmm, it must not have been me, we did not have a dog. BUT, many of my friends do. There are is an abundance of green along all of the rivers here in Cuenca. You will have to take into consideration that if you live in a condo or apt in town you will have to walk your dog probably later in the evening as well as early. It may behoove you to look into a rental with greenspace. That would be a house or villa. Good Luck with your considerations.
If you are coming to Cuenca with your dogs, it´s better to rent something with greenspace... there are a lot of nice places very near from the downtown. A friend of mine owns a little warm house 25 minutes from the city and it´s for rent right now. If you are interested just ask :)
Oh that sounds nice, though I like the city, we may need to be out a way for the dogs. How much is your friend's house? Can she send me pictures.

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