Where can you get the BEST, BIGGEST and CHEAPEST "Capirinha" in Rio De Janeiro?

Only person who drinks answer please. Hopefully the location will be Zona Sul or Downtown. NOT Barra da Tijuca and nowhere difficult to get to on public transport. please!! Preferably with a GOOD VIEW, or can be open air.


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


The cheapest for sure in the beach or in the beach stands all over Copacabana!
The biggest, maybe in Recreio, at A Mineira Restaurant.
The beach stands don´t serve BIG caipirinhas. Moreover NOT served in a paper cup.

I´ve had them all down the beach and they´re NOT good, generally not well made.

Capifrutas they try to put in CONDENSED MILK!!!
Why do we have to go to an AMERICAN HOTEL to get the Brazilian national drink?

And pay a fortune?

A good large CHEAP Capirinha! Or at least value for money!

People have to wake up one day to thee fact they make more profit offering value for money, not skinning the tourist.
Lapa!! At the street party on Friday and Saturday nights there are so many stalls offering VERY large caipirinhas, and they are cheap too! You can ask them to make them with any fruit, and they will only put condensed mill in if you ask. Generally, a batida has condensed milk, and a caipifruta is just vodka or cachaca with fruit. Enjoy!
website - R. Conde Bernadotte, 26 - Leblon, Rio de Janeiro - +55.21-2239.1542.
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Jim Campbell
Lapa sounds good and definately the cheapest. I´m going to try it out this coming Friday you´ll hear from me after the experience in question.

Thanks guys!!!

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