i am a single boy planning to visit Rio, do i have fun there?what you expect me to there ..?


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


If you really decide to visit Rio you will not be a single boy for a long time.
I promise you!
Just go to the beach.

The first day you will probably meet so many people that you won´t have to worry about what you´re going to do from then on. After you leave the beach you go to any of the open air bars nearby where everyone hangs out to meet people. Rio is one of the easiest places in the owrld to meet people.

All you need is a SMILE!
Hey ... u must really try to blend in . It means DO NOT LOOK flashy .Try to avoid prostitution and drugs ... look for me in Rio ! 85068626 I will guide u through !!!
You can have lots of fun...people are beatiful and friendly and very laid back ...lots of clubs, bars, and so on...beaches e and see with yourself!
It would be difficult for a single guy not to have fun in Rio! The women are beautiful, and the people are friendly. Head to the beach at Copacabana or Ipanema (lifeguard post 9 is a good spot) and you can admire the gorgeous girls in their skimpy swimwear, and even try to get a phone number if you are feeling confident enough! See this blog for tips on how to blend in at the beach: night, if you are there at weekends try Lapa, where there is lots of drinking and socialising at the street party
Sure, I don't know better p you can do all surfing outdoor sports, lot os nature to see, nice views...and people..lot of people, bars, night life...So whatever you like, you can do here!!
Well, it depends where you are staying, it depends how long you going to be in the city...beaches are great to start specially in can always visit my blog and get some inspiration, the link is

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