Best bar in town? looking for a cool locals bar, where tourists never go


City: Tallinn

County: Harjumaa

Country: Estonia


Best local bar for me is Clazz.

Place where tourists would hardly ever apear is for example Gorodok in Mustakivi area :) Its out side of centre, so take a cab.
Hei Chris!

It is great that you are planning to visit Tallinn. It is a great city, especially old town.
Unfortunately I don't know too much about bars there. I live in Tartu and when I go to Tallinn I visit places for tourists :)

Good luck and I hope you will enjoy your stay in Estonia!

Kind regards,
Check out juuksur if you are not aiming for something too fancy. I personally prefer going to less fancy styled bars and clubs, so I unfortunately can not give you any advice if you are more into that sort of places. It might still happen in juuksur though that you see some non locals but then they are most probably exchange students rather than tourists. By the way, I think the official address is on pikk street but you actually have to make a left into vaimu street and then the descending entrance is on your left hand side. Don't confuse it with the "texas honky tonk" which is in the same building but to be entered from the pikk street side. Haven't been in there but might as well be worth to check out.

Another one to recommend is "hell hunt" which is also on pikk street.

Have fun!
Bars where tourists never appear are all usually outside of center city. Places like Lasnamäe, Mustamäe, Õismäe etc. These parts of the city are about 5-10 km from old town. So like the person above said, take a cab (and pay not more than 8 €)
I personally would suggest places like Kannu pubi () & Buldogi pubi ()

All the best
I personally like and
They are much cheaper and not as crowded as the Old Town places.
Don't travel to places like Mustamäe, Lasnamäe or even Kristiine. The best bar for you, if you don't want tourists, is Hell Hunt (Fragile Wolf) at Pikk street 38. Best cider, you can eat there and if you're lucky, watch a Champions League game. Just around the corner is Juuksur (Hairdresser's). Clazz is also nice, they have live music etc but a lot of tourists walk by and there may be a lot of them there also.
It depends of your taste - but I think one of the best bar Pikk street 38 !!!
It depends of your taste - but I think one of the best bar Pikk street 38 !!!
If you like hard rock drum and base it is Von Krahl, afterparty in Levikas.Hell Hunt is also good pleace to drink and eat. The wildest places in Tallinn. The tourists are everywere oldtown. Good luck!
If you get south to Lihula (1 1/2 hrs sth of Tallin), then there are only 2 bars. We don't get many tourists, so you won't get crowded out by them
If visiting Soomaa National Park fits your plans, then I suggest to have a meal in Kodukorts ("At Home") located in Joesuu village, just on the way to wilderness of Soomaa.
In the centre its hard to find a place where there are no tourists, but still, places that are popular among locals are (in the Old Town) e.g. Levist väljas(have been there only at night, dont know whats going on there at daytime), Juuksur, Hell Hunt, Kompressor (really tasty pancakes)..definitely not fancy places, they could be called alternative bars or something. My favourite cafe is Hehrwieder in the Town Square (warm and cozy)
Enjoy, have a nice stay! ;)
forgot to mention..there is a legendary bar "Valli baar"(near club Hollywood), there is even a movie about it ;p
i have'nt been there yet myself, but have heard its surrealistic
As mysely I prefer a little alternative kind of places, so I would recommend Levist valjas bar (Olevimägi 12), Depeche Mode bar (Nunne 4), even when you're not a fan, it's an interesting experience. Then the Valli bar, next to the Hollywood nightclub and aslo Hell Hunt on Pikk street 39.
Good luck and enjoy Tallinn! ;)
There's a really cosy place in the centre called Mauruse pubi, at ESTONIA pst. 8 (). It's located under library, so the pub is also filled with books.
And when Maurus is closed, head down to nearby Woodstock/Rockstars pub at Tatari 6. As the name reveals, the place is rather rock oriented, but nevertheless cool bar/club. Downstairs, in Rockstars, perform live artists from time to time. Check more from websites or
Quota from Toomas: Kannu pubi ()

...outta city centre, but very lively and full of locals and no tourists
Hello Chris,
Nice to hear that you are interested in Estonia. If you have plan to go out of Tallinn more to south, we welcome you in Tartu! In Tartu we have many so called phenomenal places where usually tourists will not go but students of Tartu will go as we are university town. We have: Genialistide Klubi, Zavood, Krooks, Underground, Pool Kuus

Also we have many unique places where tourist go, but that are cool and good.
If you need some more info, please don't hesitate to contact me:
Best Regards,
Triinu Akkermann
Dear Mr. Hunt,

Excuse the delay in my answer. Depending on the social level and quality of the bar you might be interested in, I offer the following locations:
1. Compressor Bar on Rataskaevu street. A simple student bar which is well known for it's cheap beer prices and tasty pancakes--served in a variety of ways.
2. Cést la Vie on Vaike Kaarja street. This is a more fashionable martini style of bar and cafe. More of a sit down place.
3. Rock Cafe on Tatari street. This is a down and dirty rock bar. They have live bands and a rowdy crowd.
4. Hollywood Night Club. This is the longest running night club in Tallinn. Lots of young local girls and guys partying it up until 6 or 7 in the morning. There are several tourists going there as well, but there's enough room and talent to go around.

I hope the information is helpful for you and not too late.
Depends on your personal taste.

1. Rock bars -
Woodstock - Tatari 6.
and on the same building but underground is
Rockstars - tatari 6.
Panhead (Harley Davidson pub) - Mere pst. 10 (its basicly in port, near the port)

2. You can check out varieti of bars called St.Patricks, therse couple in center and in old-town.

3. Some culture-bohemian bars -
Kuku klubi - Vabaduse square 8
Levikas - Olevimägi 12

4. Also if you're interested in some clubs/lounge's
Club Stereo - Harju st. 6
Club Prive - Harju st. 6 (just next to Stereo, side by side)

Basicly there's plenty of places, just let us know, what exacly are you looking for :)
you can check out pub called Seiklusjutte Maalt ja Merelt (Adventure stories from Land and the Sea)

Tartu mnt 44, its not in the old town, but in the centre

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