How is New Zealand after the recent earthquake?

I have seen the massive devastation of New Zealand, caused by the 6.3 magnitude earthquake. Are the Tourist Destinations affected? I pray for the immediate recovery.


City: Christchurch

Region: Canterbury

Country: New Zealand


The tourist areas are currently affected but all tourists will be welcomed back to the city as soon as they have re-built as much as they can.
Its mainly the city centre that's effected, there are beautiful areas outside of the city that you can visit.
That's what my friend told me that not all areas are affected. Thanks for the help.
Thanks for your interest. Sadly Christchurch is badly affected but all other destinations are fine so don't hold back and come visit New Zealands
Thanks for the honesty. I appreciate it.
Indeed, certain point of interest like Cathedral Square are off limits. Having said that there are still many interesting destination to go to surrounding Christchurch. It is a pretty lucky country but most locals do NOT realize that! They were NOT prepared to handle the September 4th Earthquake. The resulting rebuilding and strengthening process was pretty slow and inefficient. For instance, the EQC (Earth Quake Commission) had fund of over 4 billions dollars prior to the disaster which were specifically allocated for that very purpose! Less than 400 millions were used within the first 3 months following the September quake. Now the current Government is actually 'moving their ass'! After realizing the gravity of the situation. Thank you for your prayers and I trust that I have given a clearer view.
Thank you for your prayers, Riza. Most of New Zealand was unaffected. Sadly, Christchurch and the immediate surrounding areas have had a lot of devastation. But the people are resiliant and will pull through as best they can. We would still like to see a lot of tourists down here as Kiwis are as welcoming as ever and having visitors does us, and our economy good. Just avoid the Christchurch area for the immediate future as things continue to get looked at.
Thanks for the reply. I pray that strong after shocks will stop at once.
Alot of the main tourist areas have been affected and will be for sometime. I wouldnt recommend travelling here in the near future, alot of Christchurch is still not yet with power and water. But in year I would say come in flocks! The there is time for us to begin the rebuild and be looking good for you when you visit! :D

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