Planning to visit Janda Baik,Pahang. Need suggestions from people who've been there.

Janda Baik seems like paradise, so much to do outdoors, clear air


City: Kuala Kuantan

State: Pahang

Country: Malaysia


Hi there
I have never been there, but I have a Swiss fren who extended his stay becos he wanted to visit Taman Negara and of course Janda Baik when he came to KL for a forum. It is a place for retreat, a lot of greens. He did his jungle trekking. If you like more info, let me know. I will check with him.
All the best!
If you mean the waterfalls that include a short jungle trekking, yes, you should go. Can't give you a up-to-date account though, been there more than 10 years ago with a group of friends/family. Remembered, we ALL enjoyed.

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