Getting from Airport to City Center of Rio

Hi, What is the best and most economical way to get from SDU to the city center? How much is a taxi? Thanks!


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


around R$40, no more.

Have fun in there!

Regards, Sol
Hi Maxine,

In case you are coming from abroad and will land in Sao Paulo you will pass by Duty Free, will you? If you do and if you buy me three bottles of perfume that I need at the Duty Free I will take you to where you need for free and of course I will pay you the exact amount you spend with the perfume from duty free, Let me know if you can do it, otherwise I can wait for you at the airport and take you for R$ 40,00 to Copacabana.
Sorry I can't help you out as I am coming in from Belo Horizonte...
ALL - BE CAREFUL OF THIS GUY.... In an email he states the rate from SDU to the "center" is $R100. but he will do it $R90. which I now realize is about R$50. more than the cost.

There are some good people on this service - this guy is not one of them.
in Bahia free for you
Hi Maxine,
don't listen to them, please.
SDU is the Santos Dumont Airport and it is already in the City Center, but it depends on where do you want to go from there. The city center is a little big, if you want to go to Cinelandia(There is a Subway station there) and take the yeallow Taxi, you'll pay around R$ 8,00.
I hope I have helped you, if you neeed more help, please, let me know, you can find me at facebook too. I don't work with tourism, but I know this city very well and I'm always willing to help.
Have fun here...
The SDU lies smack in the city center, so it's a hop-skip-and-a-jump. R$40,- as some have said here? No way! Even if you were going to the center's furthest end, it shouldn't be more than R$15,-.
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Hello Maxine,
SDU airport is in downtown of Rio very close to the city. It depends where you want to go, but a taxi should cost no more than 35 reals. But be carefull because sometimes taxis wants to charge more. Ask him to turn on the machine and everything will be fine. Visit if you need more tips about Rio.
Hi Maxine! SDU is one of Rios airports and it's located quite downtown. Whereever you want to go ask the taxi driver for the price first! And enjoy Rio! Ask first! Regards
It depends on where you wanna go. If you're going to Flamengo Beach, it's very close, about 4kms or 2.5 mi and by taxi, you'll spend around 15 reais.You can also take a bus, at the airport, if you go farther than that.
If you mean downtown, then sdu is is just there, and it shouldn't cost you more than 10 reais. If it is copacabana, ipanema, or so where you are going, it should be around 20 reais, certainly not more than 30. Anyway, if you are alone and think it is too much, there ar buses called "frescao" leaving the airport every 20 minutes or so, that go all the way through the shore for around 7 reais. If you have any doubts, you can find me in facebook. Have a safe trip
Hey Maxine!
As they mates said the SDU airport is in RJ downtown.
Taxi drivers don't like much to take people from SDU to downtown because it's quite "cheap" route for them which
they'll charge around R$ 8 / R$ 10 + luggage tax (about R$ 1 for each piece of luggage).
If U don't have much heavy luggage you have the option of going walking, such as I many times do once I live in Lapa.. just 10 min away from this airport...
Just get the yellow taxi is cheaper. It costs approximately R$ 40,00. Refuse to pay more! Don't take special taxi is very expensive and offer the same services!
by taxi is the best option. It´s not that expensive and it´s safe. It will cost not more than 40 reais. you´re welcome!
Sdu is really in downtown Rio. There you can even find buses for a very cheap price, for less than 5 reais that will take you where you want to go. You just need to get informed at the airport. |If you need to go to the south zone, where Ipanema, Copacabana, and beaches are located, you can take a bus as well forless than 5 reais or a taxi for 15 to 20 reais. If you need an english speaking driver you can contact me and we can arrange something. Thank you, Patrick
Hey there, I'm sure you're gonna pay R$ 20,00 (+-)....enjoy you travel!
Hey there, I'm sure you're gonna pay R$ 20,00 (+-)....enjoy your travel!
If you are going to Copacabana it will be around U$ 15. If you need help of any sort call me up. 21 92739310
Hello Maxine
taxi is the safest option to go for the Rio de Janeiro downtown and the price can vary starting at
35 to 50 reais.
YOu state that you are flying into SDU and that you want to go the city center --you can actually walk over there, since it is VERY near----should the adress you are going to is further away the maximum you'll pay for a taxi is aprox. 15,-R$ aware of all those "offers"I have read above.....and enjoy Rio!
SDU airport is downtown already, so the price depends on where you wanna go. It`s probably gonna be something around 10 ou 20 reals. But if you go to Copacabana or anywhere else in South area, the price will be around 20 or 30 reals.
If you need some help, email me.
Enjoy Rio!
Dear... Santos Dumont Airport IS IN CENTER OF RIO!!!!! But depends waht place of CENTRO you´re going.... So... The price can be 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 reais (3, 4, 5, 6, 7 u$s)
it has some companhies that includes transportation free if you book a tour with them, try
Santos Dumont is located in Castelo, which is right next to Centro. If you take a cab (depending where you go in Centro), you should expect to pay between R$ 15,00 to R$ 20,00. But if you´re a good walker and are not taking too much luggage, you can always walk from Castelo to Centro (about 20 to 40 min walk).
R$ 90.00????? This is ridiculous, don´t fall for it.
Santos dumont is close, a taxi is a good option.
Very easy, this airport is close to everything in Rio, you can take a taxi but outside the airport! It is cheaper!
Always by taxi, the airport is very close to everything!

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