Hi! I was told Hungarian is one of the most difficult European languages to learn-but are there many people in Budapest that also...

...speak English? (for to ask in case I get lost)


Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary


Sure! Even the policemen (OK not every policemen but more and more) speak English! If You hold Your map and look destressed everybody'll help You! :))
Sure! Even the policemen (OK not every policemen but more and more) speak English! If You hold Your map and look distress, everybody'll help You! :))
NOOOOOOOOOway!!! The Hungarian policeman cannot speak proper Hungarian, never mentioned English!
So, you have to be patient and keep trying to find someone to be able to talk to...But U will find
Try to ask younger people, they normally speak English.
Unfortunately not many policemen speak English, but they will do everything to help you. I would suggest that you ask some younger people on the street, there is more chance to that.
Cheers, Kata
I think Agnes was to trying to make a joke when she said policemen speak English in Budapest. But it is true that more and more are learning English.
No, you have to learn Hungarian to survive here :D No, I'm just kidding :D of course you will find people (prefer the youngs) who speak english well.
Dont worry you wont get lost and if yes there are enough people who speaks English to help you out
hi, don't worry, you wont be lost :)))) otherwise it's true, hungarian is a really difficult language.
don't worry, many people speaks enough to give you directions, especially in the tourist areas...
Most of the young generation speaks fluent English.
Mostly young people speaks Hungarian. Their knowledge is often too poor as well.
Keep always a notebook and a map with you, to be able to describe and write down names, addresses, price ect. what you would like to be explained.
As all of the others say its not necessary to speak Hungarian in Budapest. But it helps to be nice to be able to say "hello", "goodbye", "goodnight", "thankyou", "do you speak english", "I dont speak hungarian" and finally "please help me".

All of these phrases are easy to learn. Learning them helps the process of communication.

Budapest is a nice and easy to get around and getting help is not too hard. As in all travels it helps to be careful as well as friendly. The younger generation do know English whilst the older people tend to know German.
Hope that helps Szia!
ps it helps see the wiki site:
Hm, I have been in many countries, speeking English and never lost. But - altough I am hungarian - It is really difficult to get few places in Budapest. For example: From Ferihegy airport to Train Station Keleti tooks more than one hour by public transport and can miss the way, as there is nothing written.....

of course there are several people in Hungary who speak English and other languages too. In restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. all the staff must speak minimum 2 languages, so don't worry.
Why did you ask it? Do you want to study here or just have a vacation?
sorry, but the truth is:
The english speakers amongst the native hungarian people are mostly/only the young university students, younger college-degree people or waiters/hotel receptionists/reservation agents.. or english teachers..
It is a shame..
Z, Business Center receptionist/Guest Service Center Agent.
:D in Budapest you will be perfectly fine with English.. there are many English speakers here. Although some basic hungarian words might be helpful ;) Good luck!
Sure!! try the younger generations, but even the elderly speak sometimes really very well, so don't hesitate to come! even if they can not speak, they will guide you along I'm sure by body language or inviting to go along their way.
If you are only coming here on holiday then I don't recommend you learn hungarian, apart from some niceties.
In downtown Budapest you won't have a problem speaking English, there are many tourists and most people can help you with directions.

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