I am going to Hanoi in Feb next year and would like some idea of hotel in Hanoi,Hue,Halong bay, The best way to get to Halong and Hue...

...from Hanoi. Some good local restaurants in Hanoi too. Thank you


City: Hanoi

Municipality: Ha Noi

Country: Vietnam



I've been to Ha Long Bay once. I took a bus from a bus station in Hai Phong actually, not from Ha Noi. But normally, you can take a bus!! The fee is just about less than 100K VND for one way. And then take a taxi to the main street of Ha Long Bay.
Hotels in Ha Long are various..I did stay in a luxury one but I can't remember the name. The quote is for more than 2 million VND per night. But I'm sure you may have other choices for other hotels...
Warning: when you get on a boat to travel to the bay, be careful when you buy seafood because it's damn expensive and not really good. They will ask you to buy beverages as they do not offer. So, suggestion is bring your own drinks and food if you can.
there're many hotels in Hanoi. You can choose a 4-5 stars hotel such as Hilton, Sheraton, Hanoi Tower... Besides, there're many small hotels nearby the central, and the quality is quite good. You can take a train to Hue (it's the most common and comfortable way - costs 8 hours) and take a bus to Halong bay (costs 3 hours). i suggest u to choose Heritage Hotel (4 stars) in Halong and some resort in Hue. You should also visit Hoian, which has a very beautiful Beach, and not so far from Hue. You can contact me for more detail. Have a nice trip!

Feb in Hanoi is the Tet Holiday period. 14th Feb is the 1st day of Lunar Year, so, if you dont have relatives/ friends in HN, you should choose to visit after 4th of the Lunar Year.

For travelling to Hanoi, Hue or HaLong, if you visit at the 1st time, I would suggest you choose The Sinh Tourist. This is one of the wel-known and cheap tour agent in Vietnam, and it has many branches in VN with the tours to Ha Long and Hue inclusively (you can consider the hotel, price and tour or can choose only bus tour to Hue or Ha Long in particular).

Office 1
52 Luong Ngoc Quyen St., Ha Noi City
Tel: +84.4.39261568
Fax: +84.4.39261621

Office 2
64 Tran Nhat Duat St., Ha Noi City

If you have idea to travel by your own, I mean, search for a hotel or way to Ha Long and Hue, pls note that the price of Hotels & other costs will be quite expensive after Tet, especially in Hue at that time.

For Hotels in HN, you can find this add links:

For restaurants in HN, pls see the link:

Finally, as the comments above, pls note the seafood in Ha Long Bay.

Wish you have a nice trip.
Sent me an email to and I will send you all info with rates ...
Hi Corina !
I not a local person in Northern Viet Nam so i dont have much infomation to share for you ! You should ask some people in forum to have more.
-Have a nice day-.
I am Hue native!!! If you come Hue, you can stay at Morin Hotel, Huong Giang, Imperial hotel. the weather is quite good in Feb in Hue, not much rain, warm, sunny,. Have a good Travel.
Hi there, fair hotels in Hanoi start from 25 usd, centre located. 3*** hotel cost around 60 usd net/ room/ night with all tax and daily breakfast. Halong bay are the same but you may prefer to overnight on junk in the Halong bay. A package from Hanoi to Hanoi with 2 days/ 1 night on board starts from 70 usd to 180 usd depending on the choice of junk. You can travel to Hue by train or by flight. Soft sleeping bed air con cost 34 usd/way/ticket. Flight tickets cost 47usd - 65 usd/ way/ ticket. You can even get lower rate with term and conditions applied. Hue hotel cost 25 usd - 70 usd. All restaurants are good in Hanoi. You can stop at any where if you want to eat. For more information, please send me an email to . Welcome to Vietnam!
Thanks for the flight info, Very much appreciated.Corina
You can search all information in below website

Have enjoy trip.
It is easy to find hotel in Hanoi with a wide range from family mini hotels to 4 or 5 stars hotels around the Old Quarter of Hanoi. In Halong bay, if you do 2 days trip, it is better to stay overnight on the Boat or Junk or Cruise. If you do 3 or 4 days trip you can stay one night on the boat and one or 2 nights in Cat Ba island. In Hue, many nice hotels are a long the Le Loi street, on the side of the Huong (Perfume) river.
The best way from Hanoi to Halong is by Bus ( There's another adventure way that you can flight with helicopter, but only Once a week on every Saturday).
From Hanoi to Hue, you can flight if you do not have much time. If you want to have the experiences of the local way of transport, you can take a train or an opened tour bus.
Find more info about your trip at
Hi there,
Hue is very very easily accessible from Ha Noi. The best way is by airplane. Normally they have 2 daily flights from Ha Noi to Hue if you don't mind the far distance from Ha Noi city center to Noi Bai airport. However, when you arrive in Hue Phu Bai airport is just 17 minutes away from the city centre.
Another way to go to Hue is by train. Get night train which starts from in Ha Noi and you will find yourself in Hue at around 6 or 7.00 am in the next morning.
If you fancy buses, then ask your hotel reception staff to book a seat on Camel or Hung Thanh buses. Sure thay know too well how to do it. You will start at around 6pm in Ha Noi and arrive in Hue at around 7.00 am in the next morning.
Hue has many affordable hotels with good quality. I am sure you will like Phong Nha hotel in Nguyen Tri Phuong street, Sen Hotel and Binh Duong IV hotel in Hai Ba Trung.
If you want further advice just give me a ring on 0905009599 or email me at . Free assistance.
Have a good journey
Its depends how much u would like to pay for 1 night/ room. for a Ha Long bay, if you buy 2 days 1 night tour over a boat, with a luxury boat,they will have transfer for you from hanoi to halong and return,. about 10usd.way
for Hotel in Hanoi, i suggest u can stay at Old quarter. so that's easy to walk around.
Hue u can stay around Perfume river. ASIA is a good choice and reasonable price
u should come to HOi an also and Sapa if u have more days
U can contact me:
for more details
have a nice trip
Thanks for the info. about junk boat prices I appreciate it. Corina
Thanks for the info. about junk boat prices I appreciate it. Corina
Hi Corina,
Although I live in Hochiminh city, I just have a good way for you. I think you should make a search on google, you can find out so many kind of hotels in the world not only Hanoi, Hue or Halong. If you have a chance, you should visit HCMc too. At that occasion, just call me, I'll pick you up around my countryside ^...^ hihi. Have a searching search and enjoy your trip.
Hi,Sony,thank you for the suggestions. I have been to Ho Chi Minh last year and enjoyed it very much. I wanted to see Hanoi next time I visit Vietnam. I will certainly want to go back to Ho Chi Minh in the near future.
Hi,Sony,thank you for the suggestions. I have been to Ho Chi Minh last year and enjoyed it very much. I wanted to see Hanoi next time I visit Vietnam. I will certainly want to go back to Ho Chi Minh in the near future.
Additional information. Of course if you would like to stay in a four or five star hotel, there will be more options for you to select from.
Good luck
welcome to my country.
Feb is nice time to visit Hanoi because it will be our Lunar New Year, on Valentine day too! :)
about hotel in Hanoi, u should stay in 36 streets and districts area. u can find out the soul of old Hanoi with reasonable price in this area. and also have many travel agents. some addresses: sinh cafe 52 Luong Ngoc Quyen Street, Kim tours 135 Hang Bac str.
-la vong fish: 14 Cha Ca str, Hoan Kiem dis.
-eel soup: 87 Hang Dieu str, in front of Hang Da Market.

For traveling to Halong bay, from Hanoi u take a bus to Halong bay, abt 3hours, u should spend 1 or 2 nights in cruise at Halong bay. bus ticket and accomodation, go to travel Agents!
take plane from Hanoi to Hue, because it's really long trip!
thanks for ur questions. enojoy ur journey.
Hi Corina,

There are many good hotels located right in the old quarter of Hanoi and the rates are moderate. For a good 3-star hotel such as Hong Ngoc, Elegant,...the roomrate varies from USD 45 to 65 per room per night included breakfast and taxes.

For Halong, I recommend you take 2 days 1 night cruise package, which costs only USD 110 for a single cabin. If you travel with a companion, rate is USD 81 per person sharing a cabin. You can check for the boat here.

We also offer shuttle bus between Hanoi-Halong-Hanoi for only USD 28 per person.

There are direct flights between Hanoi and Hue. The flying time is 1h15 and the airfare is USD 60 per oneway ticket on economy class.

In Hue, the rate is USD 45 for a good 3-star hotel.

It is not a complete visit without Hoi An, which is 145km south of Hue. You can take a local train from Hue to Danang and from Danang, take motor-taxi or taxi to Hoi An. It will cost you some USD 10 for motor-taxi and USD 30 for a taxi from Danang railway station to Hoi An.

a good centrally located hotel in Hoi An costs you USD 45 per room per night included breakfast and taxes.

Please feel free to contact us at should you need further details.

Sincerely yours,


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Thank you so much for the infos. 2 days junk sounds good.I will try booking flights online for Hue from Hanoi,or is it wise to do it while in Hanoi? Do you have recommended junk? Medium junk with less cabin and tradional. Thank you again
Thank you so much for the infos. 2 days junk sounds good.I will try booking flights online for Hue from Hanoi,or is it wise to do it while in Hanoi? Do you have recommended junk? Medium junk with less cabin and tradional. Thank you again

I am so glad to hear that you would like to visit Vietnam.

As you question, I'd like to recommend you some URLs. I hope them can help you.

1. Hotels in Hanoi:

2. Hue:
- Best way to Hue from Hanoi: take a flight. It only takes you about 1 hour which you can save your time.
Suggested link:

- Hotels in Hue:

3. Halong:
I highly recommend you to pend an overnight cruise on Halong Bay. I am sure you can get a new and unique experience with peaceful and stunning view of the bay.

If cruising on the bay, you will have the support car to Halong bay.

You can take a look in this link to have both hotels and some cruise boat on Halong bay:

Enjoy your trip!!
Hi...glad to hear you planning a visit to my'll receive a lot of advises on I just tell you one thing : when you travel in the Northern part of VN, it'll be better to join foreigner group for sightseeing in the'll be safe by walking alone in Hanoi streets, for sure...have a good trip
Hi there,
For accommodation in Hanoi, there is a variety of choices from 5 start hotels down to budget hotels however a boutique hotel in the old quarter would be a nice choice. You can enjoy the lively atmosphere of the old city close to Tet (Chinese New Year). Another option that you can find a host family to stay with them as Feb is Tet period (14 Feb is New Year’s day), so you can observe how do Vietnamese celebrate Tet. Quan Ngon restaurant offers you many kind of Vietnam food and you can see they cook your food. This restaurant is very popular for both local and foreign visitors.
For Ha Long Bay, a package tour with a night on a cruise would be great. They serve you meals on the cruise as well. I am a local, have visited Halong Bay many times but quite happy to use package tour services.
I am not familiar with Hue so can not give you any information. But for sure you can easily get a flight to Hue as they have daily flight to Hue.
Welcome to Vietnam and have a good time!
wow, this is really a question that aks for a long list of advices, however I can give you some short ifnormation:
- Hotels in Hanoi: the best way to enjoy your visit is look for the boutique, comfortbale hotel in old quarter, you know teh reason why right? I give you some names: La Dolce Vita HOtel (Website: ) or Maison d'Hanoi Hanova (website: ).
- Hotels in Hue: very comfortable in Asia Hotel (3*) or La Residence HOtel, a boutique luxury hotel.
- Halong Bay: I suggest you to take the 2 days cruise on a boutique junk on teh bay. The package offers accommodation, all meals on board, transfers Hanoi - Halong - Hanoi, singtseeings & kayak. I am sure you can experience your holiday in a perfect way.
- There is so many good restaurant or bar near all the boutique hotels that I mentioned above.

For more information & for special deal, just contact me:

On behalf of Mercury Travel
hi, thank for asking me about your plan.
1. it's easy for you to book the hotel in hanoi from 30usd - 50 usd (2-star hotel). that is 1 big bed (qeen bed i think) for 2 fersons. or twin room. and it will be easier for you when you choose a hotel to stay in hue. the cost feel good, you can go to ha long bay by bus from hanoi (about 100.000vnd = 6 usd).by the way, i think you need to book the hotel or the tour over the travel company, it's will be cheaper at all.if you looking more infomation. keep on sending message for me. will give some name of hotel or travel company to contact.
Thanh Hoang
tel (84)(8)0903659 593
From HaNoi, you can take a high standard bus or open tour to Quang Ninh and Halong bay, its around 2 hours to reach there - but depends on the traffic.

If you have much time, the best way for you to travel to Hue is by high standard train or high standard bus. Incase you dont have much time, better take air way - around 1 and a half hour.

- Hotels in Halong:
+ Hotel Heritage: 4 stars hotel, located in the central town with sea view, Heritage is famous of its elegant architecture and professional service.
Add: 88 Hạ Long st, Bãi Cháy ward, Hạ Long city, Quảng Ninh province, Viet Nam.
+ Hotel Saigon-Halong: 4 star hotel, sea view, walking distance to the beach.
Add: 168 Hạ Long st, Bãi Cháy ward, Hạ Long city, Quảng Ninh province, Việt Nam

- Hotel in HaNoi:
+ Hotel Summerset Grand: 4 star
Add: 49 Hai Bà Trưng st., Hoàn Kiếm dist., Hà Nội city, Vietnam
+ Hotel Hoa Binh Palace: 3 star hotel, French architecture, good service.
Add: 27 Hàng Bè, Quận Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

- Hotel in Hue:
+ Huong Giang Hotel: 4 star, It is 02km away from the Hue Railway Station, 15km from the Phu Bai Inter-Regional Tourist Airport and 12km from the Seaport at Thuan An Beach
Add: 51 Le Loi, Hue City, Vietnam.
+ Nu Hoang hotel: Located in the central town, walking distance to Huong River and Trang Tien Brigde.
Add: 29 Tran Quang Khai St, Hue city, Viet Nam

Some recommended local estaurants:
- Viet Cuisine: Add: 20 Hàng Cân st., Hoàn Kiếm dist., Hanoi city. Besides this restaurant there are alot of other local restaurant for your choice, just ask the receptionist or tell them what you want to eat; other foreigner restaurants are available such as: French cuisine, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian and others.
Hi when u come to Hanoi its almost Tet's holiday so you will have more fun things to see and to do :) And i have a friend who works at the hotel,so if u want i can contact to her and tell her to give u a good price I think its abt 30-40$ That hotel is close to the West lake,which is pretty quiet and nice And here in Hanoi street food is the best Its way better than in any 5 star restaurants But if you worry abt hygiene then u should eat at the restaurant My recommend for restaurant is Ngon restaurant at Phan Boi Chau str They have many different kind of vnese food there And if u like vegetarian food,go to Co Tam restaurant at Tran Hung Dao str Its a good one Theres still more good restaurant tho but im too lazy to type So if u wanna know more,just contact me I will def help u out Hope u have a nice trip tho and enjoy Vietnam :)
In Hanoi, you should stay in hotel in the Old Quater, its easy for you to see how the life is going in Hanoi, most interesting places, restaurents, nights life are there. You can stay in 3 star hotel such as La Dolce Vita hotel which is located in the center of the Old Quater. You can contact with them through email: to get a good price and go to their website: . Please keep in mind that, the publich rates are expensive but if you make reservation through sales department, you will get a good price, much cheaper.

Many local restaurants such as Ngon restaurant in Phan Boi Chau str., Nem restaurant in Bui Thi Xuan str., Bamboo restaurant, Sen restaurant... but the best way to enjoy the food in Hanoi is finding a local guide- a Hanoian, they will show you a real Hanois lifestyle and food... You can contact with a travel company for example HaPL travel company through email to get their help : . They will help you to book hotels in Hanoi, Hue or tour to Halong bay... or find a real Hanoian to take you a city tour...

Cheers and see you soon in Hanoi
Hi Corina,

Would you please give me your meail address. I'll contact you directly. I work for Benthanh Touirst. I'll send you the quotation or some advices atleast. My email address is :
Thanks & best regards
Hi there,

For the hotel in Hue and Hanoi or any city in Vietnam, you don't have to worry about the hotel, just come here and you can get it yourself. The price should be from 15$(not very good) to 80$. But ont the February it can be a bit crowded, so to make sure you can get it, book it beofere in advance, it can be a lot cheaper it you do it now. But remember that the price on the hotel's website is always more expensive then it should be. The second thing: the best way to get to Hue from Hanoi is airplane but by train is also very interesting and cheaper. To go to Halong bay, it's better to book the package tour that include everything. Contact me at : if you wish more infomation.

Cheer & best regards
My hometown is in Hue but now I am in Ho Chi Minh city. I can give you some information about the way to get to Ha Long and Hue from Hanoi. Halong is near Hanoi than Hue and you should go by bus to Halong first, after that you go to Hue. The bus is a good ideal if your health is not bad.
I am a tour leader and guide based in Hue City. If you decide to travel directly from Hanoi, you can fly. The flight is only about an hour. You can travel by "open tour" too. As suggested below, Sinh Cafe is good, and you can choose between regular bus or sleeper bus. The trip from Hanoi to Hue is about 13 hours. This is the method most local people use.
For hotels in Hue, it really depends what you are looking for. We have a 5 star hotel, The Imperial Hotel. A room will set you back for above $100 US and up. We also have quite acceptable hotels with rooms for as little as $10 US per night. It depends on your requirements, and on how long you will stay.
While you are in Hue, don't miss our many beautiful sites: oldest pagoda in Hue, the Ghost village near the beach, of course, the Imperial Citadel and the elaborate, decadent tombs of the Nguyen Emperors, and if you have time, do a tour of the DMZ, and see the Vinh Moc tunnels. Hoi An is not far away, and I can arrange a trip there, with or without a private tour. Please take a look at my profile to see all the things you can do in Hue City!
Thank you,now I have an idea on the costs. You all have been very helpful. Thank you so kindly!
travelling, dining, coffee shops and music...Hue has all of these to offer. For travelling, Hue is right in the center of our beautiful S shape country, and we are surrounded by mountains, the Ocean Cloud Pass (Hai Van pass) is nearby.
Beautiful Thuan An Beach is 20 minutes from town center. Hoi An and Da Nang are just a few hours away. Laos is an easy option from Hue too. For coffee shops, Hue is really number 1! We have every kind, from garden cafes, to ultra-modern, and places where you can sip coffee high above the city, where you can see everything. One place is our 5 star hotel on the main street, Hung Vuong, and the view of the Perfume River and famous bridge designed by Georges Eiffel is delightful. As for dining, Hue is the ancient capital of Vietnam under the Nguyen dynasty, and for this reason, it is also a gastronomical capital of Imperial Cuisine. For music, of course we have night-time cruises on the Perfume River, with the focal point being a concert of traditional Hue Songs. Also sometimes offered around town are soirees of traditional imperial music. We at present have one 5 star and quite a few 4 star hotels.
By the way, you can also see photos of Hue on my Facebook page:
as well as my business page,
Feel free to take a look!
Ha long is one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam. there are many ways you can get there from HaNoi. You can contact to Travel agency (recommend: Sinh Cafe) to book a tourist bus to get Ha Long Bay. Otherwise, you can come the bus station to catch a local bus. although local bus is much more cheaper than a tourist bus, it is not convenient for a foreigner because the driver can not speak English, and you may get pocket robbers on the bus. Another choice for you to get HaLong is to take a taxi which is much more expensive than others.
If you plan to stay one night in Halong, i recommend you to bring necessay foods, and drinks. because everything will be higher than usual at the time u arrive.
Hi, Corina,
If I was you, I will stay at hotel near the lake, river, etc. as it's cool and everything looks nice around there. Hoan Kiem Lake is the heart of Ha Noi, you can find a 2 star hotel there at USD30/night, take a bus to Hai phong to visit Halong bay, back to Hanoi, if you want, and find a tour to Hue, very easy, by airplan, and book a hotel near Huong river, Century for Huong Giang Hotel. 4 star hotel.
Traditional food at each place is so different. Enjoy your trip. I wish I could company with you. :)
Thank you,ever so much for all your advice and information about Hanoi,Halong and Hue. I very much appreciate it.

Travelling by air to Halong and Hue sounds ideal since we only have 5 days in the city. A night in a junk boat sounds fantastic! Can you give me some idea on Vietnam air prices and or junk boat for Halong please. Thank you, Corina
Dear Corina,
Well, maybe you want to go on Valentine day right? It sounds interesting. Contact to me by email, I will show you some attractive places and good services in Ha Noi and Ha Long Bay. My email: . Hope to hear from you soon.
we can help you with all of your travel/tour needs in Vietnam and beyond. Please contact me at for further assistance.
If you wanna visit HN, you should come to Halong.I live in Halong City. If you give me more details about your trip, i can help you more. Like how long are you expecting to stay here? what kind of hotel do you wanna to be in? 1,2,3,4,5,star?...The best way to get to Halong is take a bus from bus stop. There are 3,( so you can choose one near your hotel in Hanoi): My Dinh, Luong Yen, Gia Lam. From 3stops you can buy ticket of Hoang Long or Kumho Viet Thanh bus to go. It's more convenient than other buses. There is a small bus which can pick you up at your hotel and take you to where you wanna go in Halong City or in Bai Chay Beach. But the driver can't speak English, so if you wanna take it, contact me. i will help you out.
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