hi , how much would a kids new quad bike cost to buy in kenya and how much would a used one cost. i promised my nephew i would buy...

...him one


City: Nairobi

Area: Nairobi Area

Country: Kenya


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halo? It costs two hundred dollars....the best quality and brand
$125 new and $75 old
It costs Kshs 4000/= or there about.
the range will depend on especially where you will by,it will cost from 4000 to 10,000 kenya shillings.
thats good one and most correct,if you visit supermarkets like nakmart or tuskys.even some hardware shops along the riverload streets.
The best quality will go for about 4500 Kenyan shillings (for a new bike) .
Hi ,
I do not thinkl it should cost more that 15 USD which would be a reasonably ghood one, I believe there would be some cheaper ones too.
ksh 10000 new and used ksh 6000.
Only recondtioned ones going for 200--250$ but in short supply.
40,000 ksh and a second one 15,000
You can get a new one from Yamaha motor on Mombasa Road next to Toyota Center
but a second hand cost about KES 200,000 - 250,000
There is one being offered @ KES 215,000 Make 39V973-46 YAMAHA QUAD BIKE Breeze 125cc 4 stroke suitable from 8 years to Adult. Very Good Condition. Shs. 215,000/- Tel. 0722 707691
80,000 ksh and a second one 25,000
Hi Campbell, thanks for your question. A new kids quad bike will cost between ksh 200,000/= to ksh 450,000/= depending on the size and make of it. It would cost like between ksh 80,000/= to ksh 200,000/= again depending on the condition of the quad bike. Bushfinders safaris () can arrange for that Mr. Campbell.
it ranges from about 3500.00 kenya shillings or 34 dollas to about 10,000.00 shillings or 104 dollas.this is at any leading super market eg nakumart or tuskys and even some hardware shops along riverload street,tomboya,moi avenue.
hi ,its $250 for a250cc.
About 3500 kenyan shillings to 10k dependint on Quality
new one will cost between $100 -150 and used ones will cost you about $ 75.
about 70 dollars thanks
The best would cost Ksh.3500,

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