Would you recommend Dans Le Noir ? and is there an eclectic underground goth music bar that is open every Sat night ?


City: Paris

Region: Ile-de-France

Country: France


The point of Dans Le Noir is to eat in the dark and experience a meal like a blind person. I haven’t eaten there but most people say it’s interesting, but the meal is expensive (about 50 euros) for the quality of the food. From trying something similar elsewhere I’d say wear something that washes well in case you drop your dinner down your front.
As for goth clubs, you don’t see many goths on the streets of Paris, and the clubs mainly seem to happen on a Wednesday night. Upcoming on Saturday 2 March 2011, is a soirée gothique hosted by DJ Lionel at le Piano Vache, 8 rue Laplace, 5eme ( )

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