Where is the Abdine District in Cairo?


City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


it is an area 10 min. away from Tahrier square & the Egyptian Museum , inwhich the Abden place is located too .

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Answered by Heba Saad from Cairo, Egypt 4 hours 29 minutes ago

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it is an area rom Tahrier squar
Dear Sir;
Abdine District in Cairo located at Down Town Area, When you check the map please check Down Town Area - Tahrir Square - little bit to the right y:ll find Bab El Louk Area, Abdine Presd. Palace & Museum, and Abdine District
Abdine district area its near from talet harb st square down town from square El thara square
Dear Friend,

It is exactly downtown Cairo, about 5 minutes walk from Tahrir (Liberation) Square in front of the Egyptian Museum.

Have fun and enjoy beautiful Egypt
Mohamed ...........,
To go to Abdeen district take Tahrir st. from tahrir sequar and walk strait for 5 minuits only. or just send me mail at to guid you i am working in the area
Hi there - this area is where the Abdin (Abdeen) palace is situated around 10 minutes walk pretty much east of Tahrir Square and Downtown. There's also a museum in the palace.

Pretty much anyone on the street Downtown will be able to point you in the right direction :-)

all the best

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel

There is a metro station there,
and it's behind tahrir sq. And from the other side the down town exit of azhar tunnel

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