where is best to eat chinese?


Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary


You are very lucky because in Budapest there are a lot of chinese food restaurants. For example near the Basilica, in the huge shopping centre WestEnd, not so far from Puskás Stadion etc.
I think if You come to Budapest taste first the hungarian dishes! My favourite chinese restaurant (not fast food) is the Tündérkert at Margit körút 44.(II. district), look at Yourself!
hi,you can find many chinese rests in the downtown, my favourite is on Andrassy avenue, between the opera and the octogon square.
i dont know
not in hungary for sure :) but if you stick to chinese take one of those take-away or eat by counter places in downtown
In the large shopping centers you can find chinese restaurants. But which one is the best? Who knows?
I like one on the middle of Raday street,a walking street full of cafes and restaurants from hungarian to persian..
The other favourite is close to Danube riverside on the Karinthy Frigyes street.
Hi! Why eat chinese in Hungary?...but if you really want to, try "Kilenc Sárkány" = nine dragons, 56. Dózsa György street or the ones in the shopping malls (but those are expensive compared to the individual restaurants).
My favourite is the new langzhou, but here's a restaurant guide:
hi, i think if you are in budapest you could eat great hungarian foods!!:)
There are two great chinese restaurants in Budapest. One (my favorite) in Szécheny street, near Szabadság square, behind the ex-tv headquarter called Momotaro, excellent food and if you sit down at the "tea house" you'll get free green tea with your meal. The Other one is at Moszkva square, I don'4 know its name, but it is pretty spectaculus, all the time I go there it is full with chinese families, they have vefy good food, I think that's why lot of Chinese people go there...

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