what are typical foods to try and where can I try it?


Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary


Gulyás soup, túrós-csussza or csirke paprikás as second course, somlói galuska or Dobos cake as dessert. You can go on Liszt Ferenc square.
Not only Budapest is in Hungary! Let's try to see another areas! You can taste many tipical food. There are lots of gastronomical festivals during the year in the whole country. For example the next famous: Festival of Soussages in October in Bekescsaba. ( south-east part of Hungary)
If You like the traditional foods, try the gulyas soup, paprikas krumpli (a thick vegetable dish from potato and ground sweet pepper) or the baked goose liver (more expensive but delicious). Not every hungarian dish is fatty and heavy food! Ask for boiled vegetables and white meats or game!
hi,the traditional courses were all mentioned by my mates, but you can try a restaurant called Mensa at Liszt square where the traditional courses are prepared in a modern way.
You definitely have to try our traditional Pig-Killing Day somwhere on the countryside! We arrange these days on wintertime. You have to wake up at 4am while it’s -20 C (-4 F), drinking a bunch of alcohol to stay warm, and then doing a lot of really hard work to make a few sausages.

You eat a lot of delicious meal during the day of course.

If you are interested in, and would you like to participate in that, do not hesitate to contact me! You will love it.

go on the market! to make it easy, go to the central market called vasarcsarnok and take the upper floor. you will love it.
Gulyas soup, Bajai fish soup, dobos cake, most places have this type of food.
The Hungarian meals are mostly very greasy and spicy (traditionally), the order of the meal is soup, main dish with meat and pickles or sour cabbage and usually they eat sweet cake or fruits in the end. It is common to drink "pálinka" (snaps boild from fruits, app. 40-50% cca) before meal, drinking wine and water during the meal and having some desert wine (ex.: Tokaji Aszú -like vino santo in Italy) after the meal.
For meat lovers the beef stew is ideal with gnocchi, or potato stew with paprika and sausage. For some who does not eat meat is good to try the noodles with cabbage (káposztástészta) or any meal from veggies.
If you want to have a good cake try the Sacher torta or the Dobos torta as heavier sweets, or for lighter enjoyment take a "Krémes" (means creamy) what is a light vanilla cake.

Bon Appetite!
Typical hungarian:
soup: -Goulash/Gulyas (=beef soup with paprika and potato),
or -Halaszle (fish soup with paprika)
MainCourse: -Chicken Paprika(=Paprikas Csirke) with gnocchi=nokedli and cucumber salad on the side (it is in water mixed with vinegar+sugar and some sour cream and red ground paprika on top)
-Töltött Kaposzta(=stuffed cabbage with sour cream on top,
-Turos Csusza(=pasta with cottage cheese, sour cream and fried bacon pieces on top)
-Gundel pancake/crepe(palacsinta filled with a raisin-walnut cream and topped with rummy-tasted-chocolate sauce,
-Somloi Galushka(somloi sponge cake topped with raisin-rummy-chocolate sauce and whipped-cream).
Best Hungarian Restaurants (tastiest or grandma-made-tastes):
Alfoldi Vendeglo between Ferenciek square/tere and Kalvin Square: 4. Kecskemeti street:

The restaurant can be found in the city center, between Kálvin square and Law University in the Kecskeméti street.
You can found in the restaurant the rightly famous Alföldi scone what is made by our own recipe. Almost in the whole world the tourists know about it. They are proud of their qualitative fish dishes and to the cakes: apple pie, peach curd cheese pie, plum dumpling, peach dumpling.
Consommé with egg-yolk
Chicken broth Újházi style
Hungarian paste soup
Ragout soup
Vegetable soup
Bean soup with gnocchi
Bean soup with cabbage
Goulash-soup Lowland style
Cold sour cherry soup
Beef-stew with boiled
Pork-stew with rice Bácska style
Veal-scallop buttered
Veal pörkölt Bakony style
Pork stew Székely style
Stuffed cabbage Kolozsvár style
Paprika chicken
Slambuc dish
..You can pay by credit cards: Maestro, Master Card, Master Card Electronic, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express és OTP Bank Pont cards.
The owner is the chef and his wife.
Owner and Chef: Ferenc Sziklai, Ildikó Sziklai.
Opening hours every day: 11am - 11pm in the summer/main season.
You can find menu card in each languages: Hungarian, English, Deutch, French, Italian, Russian and Hebrew.
Address: 4. Kecskeméti street, Budapest
Phone number: +36-1-267-0224, +36-20-321-0808
Fax: +36-1/235-0126

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