How is the parking in downtown area? We have a handicap sticker


City: Vancouver

Province: British Columbia

Country: Canada


There are a lot of spots in downtown if you have a sticker, although you may not like the prices much. :-) For a few minutes you may want to use a metered spot BUT be very aware of the signs and read them carefully... there a many restrictions ... as in many streets only allow you to park during certain times of the day on one side of the street or the other and it may also switch during the day depending on traffic flow... tow trucks are waiting to pounce on anyone who has not read the signs correctly... I would always suggest a public garage (there are many) with handicap spots near all the elevators and the prices are much better too, especially if you are staying a couple of hours... any questions email me at dirk @
Dirk (above) pretty much covers the answer, but I would add that the prices for garages can vary a great deal, depending upon where they are - even within a block of each other. By the same token, if you have walking restrictions, check the distance between where you are intending to go and your garage. Distances are deceptive, especially if you are parked in the underground garage at the centre of town. Depending upon where you are staying, paying for a taxi and leaving the car at the hotel, etc. is another option to consider.

Have a good visit!

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