Planning to come in May with a Senior (limited walking ability). Need advise on places to stay that's convenient & easy to get around.


City: Washington

District: District of Columbia

Country: United States


That's a bit difficult because DC can tire anyone out quite easily! (even for a young person!) I'd suggest focusing on being down by the Mall (Smithsonian museums) if that's what you're coming to see - so staying around Metro Center (Try to stay close to Pennsylvania and 9, 10, 11th Street NW) or stay at a hotel close to the blue line (the stop for the Smithsonian).

You could also stay in the Capital Hill neighborhood, which is quite nice, and take a taxi down to the Mall/Monuments. Dupont Circle would be another option.

There is a shuttle that stops at all the sites - you buy a day pass. That might help with walking.

Another option, although a bit farther away, would be to stay in Bethesda. The Hyatt is right at the Metro stop (red line) and Bethesday is a nice area - lots of restaurants.

I've mentioned the metro - most stations have elevators - and look at the map on their Web site - to get an idea of getting around on metro.

My mother is in her 80s and can do very little walking. I've taken her to Union Station - it's a gorgeous building and has shops & restaurtants in it. She can also manage walking in Alexandria, VA because we can stop a lot.

In all cases I've tried to suggest an area that is condensed in order to minimize walking great distances.


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