I will be in Prague with 3 friends in April. What neighborhood or area should we stay in if we wish to be near sights and nightlife?


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


You should choose districts Prague 1- Staré město, Josefov, Hradčany, Malá Strana, Hradčany, Prague 2 - Vinohrady, Nové město, Vyšehrad or without sights but still native nightlife would be good choice Prague 3 - Žizkov.. in any case the winner is Staré město :)
well in my opinion, you should keep searching for a place to stay close to center of Prague - to be more specific, Prague 1 - Old Town (On the map, if you will, it is triangle created among St. Venceslav square, Old Town square and "Náměstí Republiky"). This is the part of town, where are the biggest and most exclusive bars, pubs and so on. On the other hand, there are a many sights around this area such as: National Museum on the top of St. Venceslav square, statue of St. Venceslav also there. Calendar Clock on the Old Town square and many old and interesting old houses on the way to Charles Bridge which will lead you to the Malostranská square with nice view up on the Prague Castle and Hradčany - from where its just a few steps to the "little Prage Eiffel Tower" - Petřín. If you would be interested in more information, contact me. Hope, you'll enjoy Prague :).
Jan and Marcel are totally right .... Blanka
If you want to be near sights and night life - I would choose are on the edge of the Old Town and New Town. There is not much night life in the area of Malá Strana, Hradčany!
For the cheaper rates I would recommend you to google hotel / accomodation located in streets: Hybernska, Soukenicka, Truhlarska, Jungmannova, Spalena, Kremencova, Ostrovni, Narodni, Ujezd, Nosticova.
The Old town/Wenceslas Square area will be your best bet for lots of nearby nightlife. If you are looking for an area with more local flavor, try Prague 5 around Andel or Prague 2/3 Vinohrady/Zizkov border. Since you are only here 3 days, stay in the center and really enjoy!

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