Where's the Scheuneviertel? I stayed at the Mark Hotel near the Zoologischer Garten. Think I might have seen it in the 90's?


City: Berlin

State: Berlin

Country: Germany


The so called -Scheunenviertel- is in Central Berlin, around S-Bahn station HACKESCHER MARKT. The name comes from ancient Berlin, when der had been some store huts for vegetables and corn. Watch around the streets along -Rosenthaler Strasse-. This is it. Oldfashioned Berlin Mitte.
Thanks for letting me know where it was. I didn't see it when I was in Berlin as close as I got would have been was visiting the Beliner Dom and the Beliner Rathaus.
The Great Elector decreed that, for fire safety reasons, the storage of hay and fodder for feeding livestock, in the town was prohibited. Barns had to be constructed outside the then town limits. They were built just outside the town walls, north of the town. "Scheune" is the German word for "Barn". Later, Jews settled there as they were only allowed to enter the town through two nearby gates. The area became extremely squalid and was largely redeveloped in the early 1900's but retained it's traditional name even though it was by then the chief Jewish quarter. The Scheunenviertel lies between Rosa Luxemburg Platz and Friedrichstra├če north of the Sbahn track. The Mark hotel is in Meineckstra├če near the Ku'damm.

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