I plan to do Europe trip in Sept,can u suggest me which city in Spain is best to visit between Madrid and Barcelona?


Country: Spain


That's a loaded question. Depends on your route. If you're travelling inland then
Zaragoza would be the major city and then Lleida. If you're going towards the coast
then Tarragona. I personally like to hit the small towns. But again all depends on
your route, mode of transportation (car, bus, train). If you have time to go to Cuenca,
I highly recommend it.
I strongly recommend to you Zaragoza.It is a beautiful city.
I'd do some day trips from Madrid as well if you have time. Check out Toledo or even Salamanca. They're not necessarily 'between Madrid and Barcelona' but they're very close to Madrid and worth a stop if you have time.
My recomendation is that if you are staying less than 3 days in any of the two main cities (i.e. Madrid and Barcelona), you'll end up regreting using one day of your trip to visit a minor town.

And even if you are staying already 3 days in Madrid and 3 more in Barcelona, I'd still use my extra days to do daytrips from there, rather than stopping in Zaragoza or Lleida.

From Madrid, one day is enough to go to places such as Toledo, Segovia, El Escorial...
From Barcelona, you have Montserrat, Girona, the DalĂ­ Museum in Figueres, the Costa Brava... Even Tarragona is only 1.15min drive so you can also consider it as a daytrip (and stopping on the way back in Sitges would make it a perfect day!)

Hope to have been of help!

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