i will be in BA soon for a week. i'd like to stay in palermo & am choosing between palermo SOHO & palermo hollywood. what's the...



City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


Palermo Soho is more populated. More people around, and crowded on weekends when the market is on.
Palermo Holliwood is a little more relaxed, more residential, but still has lot of restaurantes and bars...just not one next to the other, and there is no market here.
Both are still very close.
If you stay in the central area of Palermo Soho, make sure your hotel has good isolation of noises or you dont have a room with wondows to the streets.
Enjoy the city, and if you need a guide contact me!
You´ll probably find more options in Palermo SOHO and you´re a short walk away from Palermo Hollywood where you can go to have a dinner or two.
Hi While both are near each other Id go for Palermo Soho
More life and a bit closer to the city center and its sights!
Have a good stay!
palermo soho its better to stay , you got a lot of markets shops and street sales, a lot of bars and mice placet to eat, hope you get a great week here in ba,
definitely palermo soho! don´t miss the sales in the shops on av cordoba and try all the bars and restaurants around plaza armenia
soho is closer to town, more busses basically
Soho is south of Palermo Hollywood, both offer more or less the same, top notch Real Estate, Boutique Hotels, Bars, Night Life, clothes and fashion, furniture and art, Soho stands out as you will find more of everything per square metre than Hollywood,………… Hollywood has a TV Channel and maybe some more Music and TV studios,……… and is nearer to the Mercado de las Pulgas, where you can find all kinds of second hand to antiques furniture, being the 60’s the most sought out now a days due to “Mad Men?”
Palermo Hollywood was named because all the concentration of Tv, Film and Media production companies, it is a quiet and friendly neighborhood

Palermo Soho offers a more places to go out, Top Designer Stores, Nightclubs, pubs, bars, restaurants so you can see more people there having fun all week long

both are close to eachother and this is the only difference, palermo is a nice plae to stay, if u have the chance lookin Recoleta also
Hello Anne,

As the other persons says, you can find more options staying in Palermo Soho, and you are close from Palermo Hollywood. In both places you are near from most of the
places to visit in Buenos Aires as Recoleta or Retiro.

Hope you enjoy your stay. You can feel free to contact me for further info.


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