I want to bring a group of 20 teenagers and 2 teachers to eat tapas at La Bombeta. I need an e mail address to enquire. Any suggestions?


City: Barcelona

Autonomous community: Catalonia

Country: Spain


Just wondering why La Bombeta? This is a very small, crowded place in Barceloneta. There's tons of other amazing tapas joints. This one is great as well although I'm not even sure they take reservations. I think you might have to just walk in and with a group your size it might be a bit tough. Try Segons Mercat on c/Balboa which is amazing and has more room. Also in the Barceloneta neighborhood.
no email address for la bombeta:

C/ Maquinista, 3
08003 Barcelona, Espagne
933 199 445

enjoy! :)
Definitely, in my experience taking 20 students to such a small tapas bar is a bad idea. There won't be room for everyone inside and the waiters will be overwhelmed by your group. Let alone how other customers will take it...

Tapas bars don't usually make reservations or have group menus. Many of them don't have a website or email, and often the waiters speak a very limited English just enough to understand what you are ordering...

Tapas restaurants who might have a group menu, often are too expensive for student budgets.

Not in Barceloneta but in the Old Town and affordable enough for students are and

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