what is the best souvenir you can take home from Hungary to a kid?


Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary


if it's a girl, take a doll dressed in typical Hungarian clothes, if it's a boy, take a wood made secret box. Depends how old the kid is.
A wooden toy! My favourite is the clapping butterfly (just a picture: ). For older kids is better a logical toy (for example: ).
How old a kid? Girl or boy? Go to a market, where you"ll find traditional toys, just make sure, they are made in Hungary. Or pick a T-shirt, a Rubik's cube.
My advice is the authentic folk clothes. 'Betyár' or 'Huszár' garment for boys (Betyár dress is very cool), any kind of folk clothes for girls. They can use it on carnivals as well.
If you are going to the little town called Szentendre to the North of Budapest, it is the best place to buy one of those secret boxes. These boxes have a trick, only the owner knows how to find the key hidden in the side of the box and how to open it. These boxes are wooden and painted with different colors.
If the kid is older than let's say 6, then the Hungarian invention Rubik's dice is also a good idea.
hi, in the tourist shops you can find funny traditional games made of wood. I think this something special hungarian.
cheers, mihaly ;)
Rubik cube
check out the central market called vasarcsarnok
You can find very cute Budapest T-shirts in the market hall, or hand made wooden toys, dolls in folklore dress, or a Puli dog plush toy
csattogós lepke:)
does he/she like sweets? (of course;))
go to Újpest Központ (blue line on the metro) and you will find the Sugarshop there, it offers hundreds of uniquely designed lollipops and muffins and everything. they are colorful, funny, and original hungarian:)
Print out your stupid questions from Localyte and frame it!
It depends on the age, but you can find many things when you visit our country.
It depends on the age, but you can find many things when you visit our country.
Small plastic chopper, if she, he is small kid:)
Every child like ir:)
E.g. some wooden handmade toy(car, coach, ship,sailing boat) or puppet or folklore dressed-up doll..
wooden toys, rubic cube, doll in traditional dress, if they kid is older, then books on Hungarian culture, which are not "official", but rather easy to read, yet accurate in information giving (in bigger book shops).
All the kids would love the Rubik's cube. You can buy it in any souvenir shops and its real Hungarian!

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