Where is the best restaurant?


Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary


it depends what kind of food do u want to eat...:D
If you are not a vegetarian you definetely should try "Sir Lancelot" typical, traditional hungarian food in a knight athmosphere.. amazing

Rustico.. a hungarian - italian one .

Enjoy your meal ;)
Sir Lancelot is good. But depend what would you prefer. In the WestEnd shopping Mall, there is also a good one, on the first floor, it's name is Le Roy. Or choose one of the 20, on Liszt Ferenc square.
Go to Eklektika, Nagymező u. Hungarian-fusion kitchen.
i think the best if you search on Internet. We would like to use this site for serious questions to help you.
Anyway for me the local style restaurant is the Nancsi Néni.
I got to agree with Andrew Illés:) Náncsi néni is far the best restaurant I know not only in BP but in Hungary. Typical Hungarian and other specialities, huge portions, special service and great athmosphere!
I know a little italian restaurant near by the city center WestEnd. It's little but very cute:o) It's called "Caffé GianMario" and is situated on via Bajcsy Zsilinszky 35. If i can help you and would you like to go there and check it out, i can write you the phonenumber.:o)
Good Luck
Definately the best restaurant with Hungarian kitchen!!!
/with Hungarian folk programme/

I went there 2 weeks ago, 2 people paid 30 pounds for a 3 course meal with drinks. The kitchen is fantastic! Not fat or heavy, but traditional delicious Hungarian meals and the waiters are very kind. Furthermore, in the evenings there is a very good Hungarian folk programme. I highly recommend to you.
It can not be anything else, but NÁNCSI NÉNI. You will love it!
Go to Olympia! The owner goes to the market every day, and have a daily offer of 5 dishes. Very unique!

If you are more up to one of the most precious traditional restaurant, visit Gundel.
Preferably on sunday, when they have a buffet table, all-you-can-eat for 20 EUR.

Very, very nice Hungarian hospitality and feeling!
so many!
But typical Hungarian (whith gipsy music)is Kulacs (Dohány str.)-resonable prices!!!
Mátyás Pince,very famous, but very ecpensive
Fatálas ("woodondished")close to Váci str.
depends on your taste.
it depends on your taste....for my taste I'd recommend: Csalogány26 () or Vapiano in the downtown or Borbíróság () or Bock Bisztro () or Klassz () or Balettcipő ( this list is not enough, then please check: it's an english guide in all related things to Budapest!
You can chose from different kind of restaurants in the capital. For example chinese food, italian, indian food....
Or you can eat traditional hungarian food at Mátyás Pince, it's a little expensive, but good can listen to hungarian music as well. It is on the Pest side of the city near the Elizabeth bridge.
not knowing what is the 'best' means for you here is one. it is not fancy, but with a very talented chef, excellent food and presentation, huge hungarian wine selection, moderate prices. google borbirosag
Hi there, Kyoto japanese restaurant in budapest, so good
The most famous and most expensive is the Gundel Restaurant close to City Park and Heroes Square.

Number two:
Welcome to Kárpátia Restaurant, one of the oldest Budapest restaurants, a city landmark since 1877. Welcome to the world of traditional and contemporary Hungarian gastronomy, where a spirited gipsy band plays amidst historic walls.

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