cool night clubs to go out.


Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary


also depends on some things...1. when r u coming 2. what kind of clubs music do u like... but i guess u r coming in autumn or i can suggest: STUDIO,WHITE ANGEL, DOKK, MOULIN ROUGE, MORISSONS 1-2,COOL CLUB, CORVIN TETO...planty of clubs
what kind of night clubs? Table dance and so on...., or like dance, drink eating???
Hetero? Gay (friendly)? What type?
Dokk Cafe, Jam Pub
If you need a very snob one go to Creal. If your are looking for more alternative, visit Instant.
Royal Palace Night Club
Piaf !!! (so sweet), bar piano music
Old Man's (late disco, and free)
White House
Rio Dokk.or any club on HAJÓGYÁRI
What sort of music or night life do you prefer?
If you just want to drink a beer and talk with your friends a little, you can find several places on the big boulevard.
hi, there are many 1stofall in the district 7th. You can visit Musmus, Szimplakert, Szoda, Gödör, Tuzrakter, etc. and visit the site for further daily cool programs. cheers, mihaly ;)
rio and zold pardon are chick magnets
Hi there, a lot of disco here, white angel, studio, jam pub, retro, sensation, nice place. Tell me more if you have questions I'll help you

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