what's the weather like in march


Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary


The weather in march is cold in the morning and the evening and a bit chilli but sunny /partly cludy and a bit rainy daitime in Budapest.
It means 5-8 Celsius in the morning and the evening, and 14-16 C daytime the highest temperature.
you dont have anything else to spend time on???
the weather is wonderful. Pleasant in the morning warm during the day. About 17 - 22 Celsius. Perfect for city tours.
March is the beginning of spring but April is much nicer, all green and full of flowers.
it is mostly chilly and cold but can be sunny during the day.
Hi there,
The weather in March is pretty unpredictable sometimes, as it can get rainy and chilly or sunny and warmer. Basically we usually expect chilly mornings and temperatures can get up to 18-20 C when sunny.
Cheers, Kata
from freezing snowy till hot sunny it may vary.
We have a national holiday on 15th March. So everybody have very different memories especially how we spent it's celebration at school like wearing short-leeves shirt or winter coat.
So it is very diverse year by year. If you have luck, it could be a pleasent spring start.
March is nice, coz it means the end of winter, so the spring is coming!!! U will see more Sun, but it could be rainy also.Its fresh, and everything start to become alive again, as the nature as the people around...
Yes, 15th is our National Day, but some places also celebrate St. Patrick's Day (17th). I was the first one in Hungary who set up a Festival for that occasion, by the way, many years ago...
not too warm not too cold.perfect for sightseeing.
it's nice! can be mild-warm and a little chilly too, but definitely sunny and clear (too me at least).
I am also not sure if these question are real ones...but lets say march is very ok for travel to Budapest you can experience the first days of spring
The weather in Hungary is continental. So the summer is hot, the winter is cold.
Usually, the first part of march is a little bit windy, but sunny, and after 15th is sunny and more warm. :)
It's cold at night and in the morning, days are sunny or cloudy.
It's cold at night and in the morning, days are sunny or cloudy.
Depends on the global warming :D But seriously, it is quite good. its spring. Once upon a time I took a swim in the Balaton lake in March, but actually it is not usual :)
prepare for cold. if you are lucky, you will get sunny days with 18 degrees, but morelikely around 12-16

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