Where can I find a homestay in Budapest?


Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary


Unfortunately I have no personal connections, but if you type homestay Budapest in your browser, there are several opportunities, depending on your age, interest, etc. Have fun!
Hi, ther are many possibilities, when you write, what you really want, when - I help, of course.
one option can be couchsurfing
If you tell me what exactly your looking for then maybe I can help.
There ,if you are lucky, can find free accomodation.
I hope you'll manage.
If you are quick enough,
and you will arrive in september or first week of october,
You can stay in our empty furnished guestroom for few days for the lowest Localyte-friendly price(=you will pay for your energy and water consumption).
We advertise it for rent, but we will have a smaller empty room from 1st of october upon availability..
write me a message via facebook or Localyte.
Depend what would you like, downtown, outskirts area? Try , they have good offers, or send an email if you need apartment in the downtown for reasonable price.
Try Hotel Evergreen Guest House, it is a kind of apartmen place with good quality and very reasonable prices.
What type of family-model you prefer? :)
Tell me, maybe I can help you.

We rent an apartment of 4 rooms in the center. 2students 1 worker:)
There is one room empty. We can offer it for you for a little money. Funny atmosphere al the time.

Drop me a mail
+36 30 249 66 43
Hey, who are you? I have couch for surfing :)

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