hi im albert i just wanna ask you something on how to get a tourist visa because i want to go spain as tourist visa please let me know.thank


Country: Spain


You would have to check with the Spanish consul's office in your home country.
Depending where you are living, you ought to find it in your country's capital city.
Call them and they will give you instructions. Not everyone needs a tourist visa. It depends on the country.
Hi Albert. It depends on what the specifications and restrictions are for your country. I'd call the Spanish Embassy in your country and ask what you need in order to come to Spain. Many countries don't really need a tourist visa, but some do. It all depends.
If you happen to be coming from the U.S., you won't need a visa if you're planning on staying less than 90 days. For longer stays, check with the Spanish Consulate office for more information.
Since it depends on your nationality, I suggest you check the website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to learn about your speciphic case:

If you tell me from wich country you are comming from, then I can give the good answer
A tourist visa for Spain is actually a Schengen visa. Check this article to find out if you need one or not, and if you do (based on your nationality), how to get one:

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