how high is Cuenca?


City: Cuenca

Province: Azuay

Country: Ecuador


Hi, Cuenca es at 2500 meters above sea level (8500 feet). Average temperature: 17 celcius degrees (63 fahrenheit deg). Colonial architecture, one of the most beautiful cities in Ecuador.

I'm not from Cuenca, I've just been there once.

Cuenca is the Capital of Azuay Province and it's about 2500 metres high, nice weather, food and the most important friendly singer people, and I don't wanna offend anyone. just joking!
hi, well i am not from Cuenca but i have been there before and it is a beautiful place, and as the other guys said it is at 2500 meters above sea. its weather is colder depending on the season. If you go to Cuenca thru El Cajas you'll get one of the most amazing sights in Ecuador!!!
Also in Cuenca you'll find good food!
Hope you have a great time here in Ecuador.
Cuenca is 2,500 meters high.
Cuenca is located at 2535m above the sea level. It used to have a temperate climate but this days we have a cold weather.
Nearby are hot springs (Baños), deserts (Jubones), protective forests (Aguarongo) National Parks (El Cajas), and a lot of other natural places to visit. Of all these, El Cajas is located between 3,200 and 4,450 meters high (the average temperature of the area is within 10 ° C).
900 mts to tha sea ,but in tha discotec you can incres
is the near altitude than quito, the weather is little cold, is a beaty city
The altitude is 8,200 feet, or 2,500 meters, above sea level. It's not 8,500 feet, nor is it 2,535 meters.

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