travel to Brazil - can I make it cheaper?

Hi. My name's Marina, I'm from Russia. One of my dreams is to visit suac a wonderfull country as Brazil, but searching in internet I understand that it's very expensive for me now... can you advise me how can I make my travel cheaper? can I rent a room not far from seaside? is it dangerous?


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


Hallo Marina,

if you need professional and reliable services, contact us at:
We have packages for all needs and budgets and we are no free-lances nor amateurs.

Oswaldo Luiz
Hello Marina. My name is Daniel and I live in Rio de Janeiro, copacabana beach. Tell me where and when you´d like to stay and I can make a package for you. Since 2006, I have worked for foreigners and students, getting a place for staying, sports and cultural activities, transportation, etc...
Just send a e-mail to and I can give you many options for a good and cheapest trip in Rio de Janeiro, for example. See u.
Marina, some places in Brazil (like São Paulo) are very expensive, with prices comparable to Moscow or London, however, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador (Bahia) are less expensive.
There are good Hostels in Rio and Salvador at very rasonable prices (from US$15 to US$25/person/day), in São Paulo prices are around double of it.
For matters of safety, as anywhere in theworld you should not pay attention for people offering things on the streets, nor walk alone at night or carry expensive photo cameras hanging loose on your neck. If you do so, problably you won´t get any problem in Brazil.
Good trip
Hi Dear,

As soon as you have your air ticket, all the rest I can take care for you. Prices in Rio vary a lot, depending on what kind of standard you want to have in the city. I can find you hotels for 70.00 Usd a day up to 150.00 and near the beach in sefe areas.It can be even cheaper if stay in hostels, like 30.00 usd per day. Eating in Rio won't cost you more than usd 30.00 a day for teo meals with the drinks. You see, iy is not that bad and safety is a matter of where you go and how you look after yourself.If you follow certain basuc rules, nithing will happen to you, i PROMISE!! I HOST TOURISTS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD EVERY WEEK, SEVERAL TIMES AND NOONE IS EVER ROBBED.


Hello Marina, Closer to the the time that you are about to travel,let me know as I have a studio ,kitchenette that I
sometimes rent out,& it is cheaper than an apartment a block from the beach.
Hello Marina, Closer to the the time that you are about to travel,let me know as I have a studio ,kitchenette that I
sometimes rent out,& it is cheaper than an apartment a block from the beach.
Hello Marina, Closer to the the time that you are about to travel,let me know as I have a studio ,kitchenette that I
sometimes rent out,& it is cheaper than an apartment a block from the beach.
Hi Marina.
I don`t know much about the prices to fly to Brazil from your country. But to make your trip cheaper, you should stay in a hostel. I work in a hostel in Copacabana. If you need any help, email me.
Hi Marina.

Brazil, Just like russia, is a huge country. Personally I think that due to this fact, first of all, you should set your targets such as : Amazon, Pantanal, Rio de Janeiro, Northeast beaches, etc etc ( you can email me iy you want some suggetions : ). After this step you will find easier paths to look for best princes here.

feel free to contact me if you want.
it depends where you whanna go,nordeste is a nice place,with loads of cityes to go,and is very cheap...
First: Come to bahia. It's not as famous as Rio, but it's pretty good, beautiful and there's many beaches.
Then: try couchsurfing. There's a website called couchsurfing, in which you can find places to stay for free, in the big cities. It's safe, if you use it properly, dont worry. Then, just try to stay in a beautiful mood. Brazil is great, if you enjoy it!
Hello marina, first if you have a flexible schedule set the date of your travel by the plane tickets price, whenever you find a good price one buy it and set off, that's the first rule of cheap travelling. Then stay in hostels and do the tours by yourself. There are loads of backpackers anywhere and you'll be able to hook up with those more independent guys and go around the cities in good company. Basically cut the middle man. Get into travel forums to get good hints from other travellers. That's the rule for cheap travels anywhere in the world. Brazil is no exception. Some places are dangerous but being sensible will get you out of most troublesome situations.

If you happen to come to sao paulo get in touch and i can recommend you the best hostel in the best neighborhood, where i've made loads of foreign friends who totally fell in love with the place.

happy travels
one more thing, if you're adventurous and independent enough you don't need agencies for anything, unless it is mandatory to go on the tour with an agency.

If you're up for this kind of hardcore travels get in touch and i can assist you further. There are looooots of backpackers doing that anywhere in the world even though they don't speak the local language.
hi. to travel Brazil is wonderful, but keep in your mind that is little dangerous to, i mean about some places not so safe, also very feel peaple there speak english. i am not there, for now i am living in Israel, otherwise would be my pleasure help you in there. you can find very cheaper places to stay, unce again, better look after some receptive agencies because of idiom. i wish good luck and have a nice stay there. ps, white my email, mabe i can help you when you are there by phone or email.
GO TO THE NORTHEAST OF BRAZIL IS MUCH CHEAPER THEN RIO AND SAO PAULO; BUT IF U NEED ANY INFORMATION U CAN VISIT MY WEBPAGE i work with backpackers and independent travelers so focus in cheap activities;
Avoid conventional packages!!
If you want to make it cheaper head north. You will find north and northeast Brazil much cheaper for accomodation, food and entertainment. The weather is also better all year with no winter months. Some months have more rain, but it is never cold. Most of the year the weather is fantastic. See my site for soem more details and email me if you want more info
Prices in Brazil are all relative. Metropoles and beach resorts are expensive wherever, but backpackers can travel on 20-25 U$ a day. A hint: To experience amazonian realms maybe Peru or Ecuador () are cheaper.
Hi Marina are you ok?Well if you visit Rio de Janeiro You will be doing a good choose .Why Because Rio is considered one of most beatiful places from Brazil and cheaper for tourists. If you decide for the Rio I would send you several informations and details from here!
hello Marina, I live in Armação dos Buzios, near Rio de Janeiro and my home is almost inside the beach, Rio de Janeiro is really a dangerous city but Buzios is a very nice place and safety, from here you can decide what places do you want visit in Brazil and I can help you to cogitate your trip , about room I can recive you in my home I have a very cheaper room to you.
So, the problem is only how you will come to Buzios after you arrive in Rio de Janeiro International Airport, "Galeão", so you can call me and I find way to you to come to Buzios.
The most importante thing I have to tell you Marina do not live the Airport alone at nigth is dangerous, the better solution is wait for somebory to take you in Airport, we can do all this to you.
I hope you find a way to came to Brazil always you can contact me
Marina, the air plane ticket is everything, then... it´s just to have the contact in RIO. Here you have Hostels, Bed & Brakfast, or even pousadas (inns) or not expensive hotels. To know the attractions of the city you can go by yourself or find a group to pay less. Tell me when you´ll have the plane ticket!
Hello Marina,
Brazil is a very big country, it depends on where do you want to go.
But I believe april is a very good season to come, it's cheaper, but still, it depends on where do you want to go...
Marina, it´s really a question of where you want to go. If you decide to come to the outback, I am right in between São Paulo and Brasília, and would, as the traditional Mineira hospitality commands, let you stay at our place for free. So, if you want to come towards the country side...
Enjoy it!
Hi Marina, how are you?
I have lived in Rio my whle life but now I am in the USA. Depending on when you will go to Brazil, I heve lots of good tips for you. You can contact me through the web at
Howdie Marina!!!

The russian community in the USA has always experienced my tours, but I do not speak russian...english will be VERY necessary!!!

I am a tour guide for 9 years not only in Rio, but all over the country!

You can write direct to me,

And you can see my blog,
Privet Marina.
I went in Russia 3 times in the past 2 years ( Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk and other cities in Siberia),and I tell you about the safety , just take care exactly as the same you do in Moscow), outside Brazil everybody talk about Rio de Janeiro , but I guarantee what is to many other places in North Brazil beautiful as the same or much more, When I travel on Vacation inside Brazil I go to the follow cities, Natal, Fortaleza,Joao Pessoa those cities it is really safety. If you like to know south go to Iguaçu Falls it is amazing and I can give you the name of some hotels where you going to expend tip price but good quality hotel with a very nice breakfast and you can take a bus to Iguaçu fall in front of the hotel its 15 minutes trip from the hotel to the falls for less than $2.00 USD only, if you accept a tourist guide advice you going to expend $30.00 for the same trip, also if you go to Iguacu falls , you going to have the opportunities to cross the border and Visit one more country (Argentina), since electronics is very expensive in Russia you also can Cross the border and shopping in Paraguay (ugly place)but the price is almost the same as Miami.
I'm not a tourist guide or make any money with this, I just travel allot and maybe I can give you a good advices as a traveler.
Also you need a Visa to get in Brazil , since Russia ask a invitation letter to give a Visa, the Brazilian embassy in Moscow ask the same, so if you need invitation letter let-me know and I can make and send one for you with no cost at all.
To get in Russia I went via Europe ( Sao Paulo to Frankfurt than I took a Train to Munich , from Munich I took flight to Moscow using Lufthansa this for me was the tip way to go there, if you have a American Visa I recommend you Flight to USA (New York and than to Brazil (Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro) maybe will be tip, also if you go by Europe I can give you some tips where to stay and visit very tip price . For me will be more than a pleasure give you some advise . I like very much Russian people this why I went there 4 times in the last 2 years and maybe end of this year I will go there again (Krasnoyarsk).
Like everywhere if you get a Tourist Guide , you going only to a tourist place and tourist place is more expensive, every time when I travel I try to get out of the tourist route (don't matter the country), because I know is more expensive, for example, first time I went from Brazil to Russia I expend $5.000,00 just in air ticket because I both all tickets in a travel agency in Brazil, the last time I expend for the exactly same route $1.500,00 USD in air ticket until Krasnoyarsk, but I both everything by myself in the internet and at the airport taking the last minute tickets in Frankfurt.
If you decide to come to Brazil, go online and make your Lufthansa Mile card, since Russia it is very fair from Brazil you going to win a lot of miles and help you to travel for free or up-grade in your way back from economic class to Business class, you going to thanks-me later if you up-grade to a business class, travel from Europe to Brazil is around 11:30 hrs Fligh,if you have long legs like me you going to remember what I'm telling you now and be glad later.
If you need more information let-me know and maybe I can give you advices to get and stay in Brazil with a low cost or if you just need a friend my email is xxxxxxxxxx.
Oi Marina! It's a good decision to travel to Brazil! First of all you should buy a tourist-guide, f.e. 'Lonely-Planet' in English in order to get an impression where in this huge country you would like to go, the possibilities are inumerous. Big, well known cities are of course much more expensive then targets far away from the mainstream. We have in Brazil the same organisation as f.e. in Europe with the HI Youth Hostels. The prices for a day, including breakfast are at the moment ~25-30 Reais( 10-12 Euros) for a bed in a community room/dormitory. Just to give you an impression. Overland bus-tickets are in comparasion to West Europe quite cheap: about 20 Euros for 600 - 700 km. A meal (PF prato feito= trad. ready meal) will cost you ~7 to 15 Reais, if you travel like a backpacker. I believe the prices are quite the same as in Russia. Concerning criminality I guess its comparable with Russia. It depends where you are. I'm travelling Brazil since 25 years and up to now nothing happenend. So, enjoy your dreams and planings! My E-Mail is:
Abraços and Strasdutjie
HI again Marina, I was looking for airlines ticket for me get to moscow and at the same time I found a good deal for you.For example if you live on october 1th and comeback on november 1th, the round trip going to cost only $1137.00 USD tax included. From Sheremetyevo to Paris, from Paris to Rio de Janeiro . The flight(Air France 2545) Depart at 7:15am from Sheremetyevo and arrive 9:10am in Paris, you change the plane and take the flight(Air France 444) Depart at 10:30am and arrive in Rio de Janeiro at 5:00pm. you can find a good deal on () if you need any help let-me know. I planning to be in Moscow for 2 or 3 days in january on way to siberia.
Hi, Marina, I´m Luis From Bahia the best place to visit in Brasil nowadays Better than Rio (for the safety questios as everybody knows) So in Bahia I live in a island called MORRO DE SAO PAULO (to see pics go to facebook morrodesã) And see the paradise where you can enjoy and walk without any afraid if anyone comes to steal or something like that. hugs i´m waiting for your reply.
Hi Marina. I live in Rio for 3 years now and it's defnetly not dangerous as foreigners hear. Once they get here they always change their opinion. It's a big city and you have to be attentive, but is definetly a place to come.

Take a look on a site called Couch Surf. I'll might find nice places to stay for free. You can also look on Lonely Planet. They allways have low budget alternatives for backpackers. Good look.
I wish I could find your question here before! I can arrange apartments for you in Copacabana and they are cheap, about 80 usd a day.
Always by bus.
Renting an apartment in Copacabana is not so expensive!
Travel by yourself with a good map and travel guide, stay in hostels and make friends!
hi Marina , you can travel to Brazil spending little, first try to get tickets for low season they are cheaper , and when you come do not stay in a hotel which is more expensive try to stay in a hostel or if I want to rent one apartment visit the web , in Brazil we have Restaurants and Snack bars that you can eat super cheap and will not need to spend much, if you want my help email me on , good luck !

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