7 visitors to show around in one afternoon one is elderly with walker. six are 30 somethings. not much cash. they want to see...

...Chinatown and Granville island. can't figure out the logistics and would appreciate any advice. thanks.


City: Vancouver

Province: British Columbia

Country: Canada


Depending on where you are staying in Vancouver China town is very near the centre & you could probably walk to it...or take taxi if you have walking issue...basically it is located around the Hastings and Main Street area. Granville Island is a little difficult to access especially if you were not able to walk far BUT could take a taxi there from where you are staying...same with China town or w/ Granville Island you could walk along what they call English Bay...very pretty & again within walking distance from the downtown area.....then from English Bay you take a small water taxi across to the Market - does not cost much. Go early to Granville Island-gets very busy & then relax by the water or walk around what is called False Creek.
Thank you for your suggestions. We ended up renting a van, had lunch in Chinatown drove through Stanley park, English bay to Granville
Queen Elizabeth park, on 33rd and Cambie offers stunning views of the city (when the weather is clear, and peaceful views even if it isn't). To minimize walking, park at the top of the park near the arboretum, which is open rain or shine and is very popular. There may be some road construction in the area, but just follow the signs.

If there is a walking concern the distance from downtown to English Bay can be a bit far, but as Olly Richter mentions, the taxis are good, so you can hop between locations easily.
Good idea to go to QE park. Next time for sure. Thanks!

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