Can you recommend good snokeling with out a boat and is it wiser to rent gear or puchase gear. Thanks Rick from Minnesota


City: Key West

State: Florida

Country: United States


Most snorkeling in the Keys is offshore (unlike many areas in the Caribbean, like the Caymans, where you can just walk off the beach to find reef), because the reef line is 4-5 miles away from shore. ALL dive and snorkel boats in the Keys are fully equipped with professional and fun-loving staff. It's their job to ensure people enjoy themselves. They should not be viewed as an added cost - more of a value-added benefit to finding the best spots with loads of marine life!

But, as a dive instructor myself, I have always felt that snorkeling gear can be a personal choice, and ill-fitting rental equipment may distract from a great experience. Best-case scenario is to bring your own. You can use it anywhere!

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