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I am a photographer in Miami with much interest in Cusco. I went to Chincha, Peru about three years ago as part of a medical mission to treat the residents of the area after the earthquake. After my tour there, I spent two days in Cusco. I was amazed by the energy in that city. I am very interested in going back to photograph and put together a series on the people of Cusco. I don’t want to spend a lot of time doing tourist activities or go with a tour group but would rather go where the locals go. I think Cusco is an amazing city and I want to honor it with quality images. I am looking for a local that can take me to see a Shaman and some of the local indigenous people. Any information you can furnish will be appreciated. I do not have a date set for my trip yet but plan on being there for about 6 days this time.


City: Cusco

Department: Cusco

Country: Peru


Dear Sir
It is very gratifying to write and give a little information about what you need. With respect to the photo shoots we can help with this because we have experience with this type of work, we have worked with foreigners who came to do photo shoots in local areas, know the scenic spots where you can talk to people and also take beautiful pictures of the landscapes of these areas.
For more information please contact us at: email
hello iam tour guide if you want me help help you this my email address email
It's a pleasure to know that you've benn in a medical mission. Maybe you were with E3 Partners. I was part of a medical mission as well in Arequipa. But I live in Cusco. And know all things about this city. I'm a Tourist Guide who can guide you and get the photographs you want. An go to local areas where the native people go, how they celebrate, their traditions, in what they believe, etc. Just enjoy your time!! See you then. If you want more details, just be in touch at email
It's a pleasure to serve.

God bless.
Sincerely yours,
Américo Candia.
Hi, my hostal in Cusco website is really nice ... Any question you can call me at nights to my phone 4079251722... See you
It is nice to listen that people like you are intersted in our culture. I am not a local person but I live here for some time and I have been to several activiesties like local marriages, Chaman, pago a la tierra (payment to land) and other. I live in Urubamba (one hour from Cusco) and believe me you will not regret by coming here. All the best and if you need any further info, pld do not hesiatte contacting me. Regards!
Hi: I can guide you through the city, since I conduct culinary tours around Cusco, actually I am located rigth in Cusco City, you can contact me at my email email and we can talk more extensibly about your needs and requirements in Cusco.
GO THERE website and have fun in cusco !! =)

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