What is the cheapest and most efficient way to travel around Rome from near Termini? What is the cheapest entry to ancient monuments?


City: Rome

Region: Lazio

Country: Italy


I guess it depends where you want to go. The most efficient is probably on foot, although it's not necessary the fastest. You can check out a guide to getting around Rome at

As for entry into Monuments, many things that are ancient are also free. If you're looking for a kind of museum pass there's the Roma Pass which you can check out at
rent a scooter in the square from Termini Train & SCOOTER
06/48905823 Piazza dei Cinquecento.
Rent is also the navigator ... and Rome will be 'beautiful and easy to navigate.
good luck
the cheapest way fro termini is the subway to piazza di spana and then alaround you will find almost of the ancient monuments(trevi fontain piazza venezia the colloseum etc...).
To skip the queue and enter Rome museums and monuments, I suggest you a type of ticket: Roma Pass (€ 25,00) valid for 3 days, that includes free of charge for the first 2 sites (except the Vatican Museums!), reduced fees on the others as indicated, travel free on public transport – take a look

Enjoy Rome!

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