how much should i expect to shell out.....


City: New Delhi

Union territory: Delhi

Country: India


On an average you would need Rs 3000($60) per day to have fun.
Yet another meaningless, out of contxt question from this person.... I fali to understand why people cannot ask clear and precise questions
Hi, regarding your spending power and shelling out you are expecting, it can be zero to unlimited amount.
If you have a friend and stay free with them, nothing would be your expenditure as you may hire a cycle and go around the city. Food too you may have in freely offered at many temples and Gurudwara's. People do in London too. B/Fast, Lunch & Dinner for totally Free. only accomodation one has to look for.
Likewise you can do in India too.
Normal person may spend upto Rs.25,000 per month minimum and Rs.100,000 Max per month for a middle class family to live (this does not include any shopping)
Hope to some extent i have tried to answer your question - Thanks

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