Selecting a flexible Driver

I am seeking a flexible, personable driver who is available to do all island tours including 3, 5 and 7 day tours.


City: Ocho Rios

Parish: Saint Ann

Country: Jamaica


i am unable to accommodate those tours as i work as well.
I would love to be of assistant if you provide me with you date of arrival, please contact me so we can work an a good deal... looking forward
After 31 years of driving around Jamaica I know the island very well.Also I have my own 10 seater Hiace and love doing multiple day tours.The only way to really discover Jamaica.

One Love
Sharon i really wish I could be of help but one, i am due to leave for the U.S to care for my sick father, two i still don't have my driver's license even though I have passed the Team Jamaica course but i may know some persons from JUTA whom you can call.
i'm available. safety and security of the guest is paramount. call me 361 1692 for rates.
What dates will you be on island? Maybe that will determine who might be available for your dates, many expert drivers are on here, i am sure you wont have a problem to find one.
yes i can help u how much of u guy r coming 2 ja,this my email r call me # 1876 4087878,when r u guy coming
BE CAREFUL!!!!! I am an American living in Jamaica. I think I know all the ropes! You did not state how many people and you didn't say when, so we need that information. But you have good options. Your best bet is to contact JUTA "Jamaica United Taxi Association" They have seasoned taxi drivers and seasoned bus drivers (seasoned as in experienced). But I find that many drivers who drive for "foreigners" often expect a little somethin' somethin' even after you have paid your fare. But JUTA is a good route to go. Driving yourself is an option. Its pretty easy getting around but you need to know where to go and where NOT to go. Island rentals, Avis, Hertz etc. are all available. Depending on where you are staying transportation is available through the hotels as well. They can arrange tours for you. You have alot of options. With all that said, I am a fashion designer and I have some other businesses going on. If you need personal assistant please feel free to contact me. I have website, Hope I helped you out.
Thanks Olivia, for your cautions and suggestions...I will bear them in mind and contact you if needs be,..
Sure, know all the places and my time kind of freed up now. email when you are ready
Rate U$40 without car, additional U$100 for car (including gas) per a day
Please feel free to contact us @ or e-mail for details and prices.
One Love,
p.s You get whatever you want if you only search.
Hey Sharon, please forward me your info, time and date and how may people may be with you on this tour. I am free at the moment and am willing to fill this position. , Have a nice Day!!
I am actually putting the tour together and seeking good perons to work with...Thanks
Feel free to email me @ or call me at 1-876-999-7658. Tell me what you are interested in doing for the days. I am willing to work with you at any rate feasible.
I would be honoured to be of assistance to you give me yor budget and arrival date so i can know how to proceed.
We have drivers, JUTA and private family oriented and personal service where needed. your dates determine the selection for knowledgeable safe driver. E-mail
let us show you the island the true localytes way.
need to know ur dates, other than that i can offer u one to one tour for as many days as you desire... and with an extensive knowledge of the island it will be safe, action packed, knowledgable and as enjoyable as you want it... the only real way to see the island for all its glory... Bless
How long will yoube in Jamaica and where will you be staying? Sometimes it will require that you will have to provide accomodations for the driver depending on where u will be located. So please provide that info


HI This is Sue from Easy Rock Internet Cafe in One Love Drive, Negril. My favourite guide, & can be your driver too, who is also real popular with my guests, is Zanda. He is a certified and very experienced guide used to taking guests all over the island. Please email him direct on . Zanda is a very nice, honest, person with very postive energy & great manners.
If you provide date and time I can make myself available, I have a seven seater totota picnic
I know someone who does island tours. If you are interested I can make arrangements for you. You will not be dissapointed. You can contact me at 876-290-8452. my email address is .
Good Evening Sharon, its great that you would like to visit our island.
First, the amount of persons will help a driver to give you a cost.
Second, safety first, drivers I recommend should be licensed with the Tourist board Groups of company (JUTA,MAXI,ECT)
Depending on your experience, you may choose to rent a car, with some car rental companies, they offer drivers.
Depending on time, date, and request for special needs it may cost more or less.
I hope you will have an excellent experience with us in Jamaica. For more info, feel free to email me at:
Ps. Always come to an agreement before starting your journey,and if your staying at a hotel or family and friends give detail of the driver's name and other info. COOL RUNNINGS........LOVE.
The driver I have is personable, flexible and knows the Island very well. He is a member of the JUTA so he is highly trained and well informed. Rates can be made available as soon as an itinerary/ travel guide is agreed upon.
Hello, I am a Juta Driver and i am available contact me at
Hello, I am a Juta Driver and i am available contact me at
Contaction me at 8560940
its a possibility that i could when would you want this.
I have 3 different drivers whoa re able to accommodate any kind of customized tour you would like to plan. We cater to small personal groups of under 4 people most often but we can plan trips for as many as 30 people at one time.

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