what time do restuarants and bars open till


City: New Delhi

Union territory: Delhi

Country: India


Restaurants and Bars in Delhi are allowed to stay open till midnight. However, in Star rated hotels, the restaurants can stay open till later, but, liquor is not served beyond midnight.
resturant and bars are open till 12 p.m only
few of the restaurants open 24/7 in Delhi and bar max upto 2:00 am
90 percent Restaurants and Bars in Delhi and NCR are open till 11pm and a few till midnight. Coffee shops in 5 Star hotels stay open 24 hes, Few Dhabas are open all night.
Hi, In New Delhi / Delhi, the legal time to take the last order is by 11 pm but once you order your drinks just before 11 pm you can sit till you finish. Otherwise in week ends the disc etc open till 4 am in the morning. Public start moving out by 2 am but you know the youngsters they rock till the music / band in on.

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