i am going to sandals resort for my honeymoon. is there any wakeboarding available? where can i find weed when i get to the resort?


City: Ocho Rios

Parish: Saint Ann

Country: Jamaica


yes there is sandals offers a full package, weed is illegal here and won't be found at the resort, it normally sold on the streets by rastamen if you are into that kind of thing, but be reminded it is illegal ok
you are comeing to thee right country , but you never ask openly for weed unless is sea weed or cabbage ha ha ha
that thing is allover but you have to very care full police will throw you in jail,if get caught. and you have to pay high price for it,so it is best to just come do tour and enjoy the sun and your vacation.
marijuana is illegal in jamaica, contrary to popular belief- avoid spending your honeymoon in a jamaican jail. stick to wakeboarding, call me for tour guiding
To my knowledge Sandals offers Wakeboarding but instead weed I would recommend you to test another drug while at Sandals...take your Lady and sign up for a PADI Scuba Dive Course and you will get much more (legal) enjoyment...
It is not advised that you spend a honeymoon in these jails so I would advise you to stay clean and enjoy your stay in Jamaica!
yes and yes
Wakeboarding is available at the resort call me for anything else you might need. 8764533444
Yes, Sandals offers Wakeboarding and you can find that stuff at any road side vanders, one love and have a grand honeymoon. Jamaica no problem man. P.S. dont make them fool you about jamaica police, them cool with tourist.
You would think differently if you saw the police in action with tourists and contraband...
yes it do sold every where but their are special person with whose stuff
yes it do sold every where but their are special person with whose stuff
Wakeboarding is available at your hotel.Weed is illegal but everywhere.Just be careful and don't forget it costs much less than foreign
Please contact me at thank you.
Sandal Resort off a full package so wake boarding is available , weed is illegal in Jamaica if found you can be prosecuted and ruin your vocation, also it available on street corner but those peddler will rob you. ( be extremely careful).. enjoy yur trip
You can call me at 876-422-5600 for a more discreet answer

One Love
I see that my countrymen have answered you well...but I must tell you that there is a weath of discoveries to be made... Get out of the resort and take in the sights, sounds and flavour of the nation paradise...I am in the Ocho Rios area...lets link up...Contact me At 1-876-345-14-437 or email me at
Congrats Man!!! Everyone is saying that you should enjoy the property and that you should do, however if your young and want to have fun the property will get boring to you very quickly. Contact me and my husband and I would love to give you the tour of a plantation( If you'd like). !/876/863/6499 or
Welcome to jamaica dude, the land of weed!!!!!!lol, have fun
LOL, you are guys are hilarious, but hey you did get your answers here!!
Come to SUE's Easy Rock Internet Cafe, ONe Love Drive, West End, Negril ..anything we don't have in stock we can always get someone to get it for you! Safe journey
Come to SUE's Easy Rock Internet Cafe, ONe Love Drive, West End, Negril ..anything we don't have in stock we can always get someone to get it for you! Safe journey
What ever you need I have it................I will make sure you have the best time ever! Jamaica weed is technically illegal, however the law is not really enforced. You can smoke if u want, and if a officer pull u over jus give him a change and everything will definately be okay. Am a real person.............let me show u the true Jamaica
U like many other are destroying the tourist industry by enabling ILLEGAL activities! There's no such thing as technically's just ILLEGAL! Also, telling a tourist to BRIBE an officer is a dumb & irresponsible thing to do!
So jump back in ur Blue Hole & when u resurface, try selling UR country for it's beauty & unique culture instead of trying to come off as cool cause it really is not!
Waheboarding is available at Sandals Resorts, weed is definately a no no, it is illegal and trust me our jails are horrible no air condition, no fan, no bunk bed.Enjoy our beautiful sites and our great flora and Fauna when you come stay away from weed.
Sandals Resort is a great place to spend your honeymoon, yes they also offer wakeboarding,as for your other question, weed i asume you are you are talking about ganja, that is illegal here and no i cant say where you will be able to find weed, good luck on your honeymoon.
Sandals Resort is a great place to spend your honeymoon, yes they do offer wakeboarding/and waterskeeing as for your second question,i assume you are talking ganja as you mentioned weed, that is illegal here and no i cant say i know where to find weed when you get here, but please enjoy your honeymoon
Your first question is an easy answer...yes the resort affords you many types of activities including wakeboarding. In regards to ur second question, I would like to believe that ur visit to my country for ur honeymoon would be about fun, sun & relaxation as u enjoy ur honeymoon & not for the want of ILLEGAL contraband, that I'm sure is just as ILLEGAL in ur country. I will not sell my beautiful country on that stuff...I sell my country on the 100% beauty, fun, sun & culture that is enough for you to want to enjoy! Besides, I'm sure u can not handle the jails in Jamaica so please be smart!
Wakeboarding is found at most resort and I sure if your ask you reservation clerk she can give you full details. To wet your apetite for wakeboarding in Jamaica visit jared wakeboarding in jamaica on you tube. Weed is illegal in Jamaica and can get you arrested and fined as well as spending time in prison.
Have fun . i think u will find Jamaica a wonderful place
Don't belive the noise about tourists being arrested for weed. In all my years of traveling to Jamaica I have never seen anyone actually arrested for herb. The worst thing I have ever heard of was a fine paid to the arresting officer which usually amounts to less than $100.

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