If rent a car at the airport and drive to Paracas will I have to drive through dangerous neighborhoods on my way out of Lima? Tips welcome.


City: Lima

Department: Lima

Country: Peru


You won't have to cross dangerous areas but, the traffic is terrible here, and maybe worse in the highway. I'll rent a car only if I really know exactly what I'm doing... certains part of the highway are just small roads that cross quite populated areas...
no, its a perfect route
No my friend, just rent the car, it is really worth it! and try to take off early in the morning.
There is no dangerous areas to cross, first yu will have to cross Callao, but is not dangerous, them ctake Javier prado avenue and them panamericana hghway, them you will be driving for six hours to Paracas. the first kilometers is a big highway. if you want i can go with you.
It's not a particularly dangerous route. However, keep your eyes open and use your common sense like you would anywhere else. Have fun!

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