Hi, I find one guide, expert or with good vision about Sydney for write for me one article with 2 or 3 pages about essential Sydney...

...informations (attractions, food, hotels, transportation). You have interest ? if yes please send one email for me I use marketplaces (elance others) for pay , or paypal if you prefer. Thanks, Marcos


City: Sydney

State: New South Wales

Country: Australia



I am short of time now but could do it in the future. Who are the readers and for which country?



are you wanting this inforamtion becasue you travelling to our beautiful country or you need this inforamtion for a school project / assignment ? - Can you let me know thanks
HI Cassandra, I need for use ine one guide that I go to release soon. If you have interest please send me one email for and I can inform detail. Regards Marcos

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