What products from America are most sought after in Lwow, Ukraine?


City: Lwow

Oblasti: Lviv

Country: Ukraine


IPhone 3G :)
100%, Iphone+gadgets for Iphone
There is only one product in a real demand - United Stated Dollars in hige amounts))
Are you asking about commercial quantities, or about what to bring as gifts? If you're talking about commercial imports, there is a tangle of laws to get through - you'll need local assistance. Message me directly with more specifics, and I'll be glad to help.
agree on $ USA ;P
Import memory, you can buy it cheap in the US on closeout, and bring it into the country as film for your camera.
google ssd site:ua for a price comparison. Phones that are not registered in the Ukrainian database of IMEA can't be used in Ukraine as of sept 1 09
Many people like American cars. If a small gift it can be a small model of a car. : )
Hammer is the most popular, then Acura and Infiniti : )
Diamonds!!! You have better quality for better price :)
Actually, nice tight t-shirt with sign USA would be nice if for it is gift for girl. And you have better chewing gums :)
Russel is exactly right. If commercial products then you need an expert help. Check with him
Your currency, Apple gagets, music equipment, cars
American men and american money !!
Everything since, mobile's, whiskeys, notebooks, cars ( hummer, ford, chevrolet... ), but especially AMERICAN DOLLAR'S - it's the main course!
Macy's Frango mint chocolates:-) ( otherwise- how can you ask such a general question??? I personally once asked a friend of mine to bring me a bottle of a specific white cat shampoo:-))))))I really needed exactly THAT one:-)))
Suggest you have to specify what kind of products you are asking for(goods,commodities,gifts,etc)
Check next
American sweets, chocolates and cookies!! Clothing, DVD with movies and other stuff that we can't get here!!
Here are the items that come to mind right away:

The most popular imported products from US in Ukraine are information products:
- Software
- Educational stuff
but this stuff is usually pirated (In ukraine this is not considered stealing, although we have laws, which make it criminal offense).
Also, we import medical items (devices, medicaments etc). Having US as its origin point, is a definitive advantage for products in this category. The disadvantage here is that if you would like to import something from this category to Ukraine, there are huge bureaucracy hurdles to be overcome.
Next: high-tech devices - like unlocked iphones (apple does not sell iphones in ukraine). Although those are made in china, they still are considered American items. If you could provide unlocked iphones on low prices, there would be certainly a good market for them here.
We have very high interest rates, so, ukrainian companies are always on the look for cheap credits, assuming currency risk. If you have access to cheap credits, you can do interest rate arbitrage. For example, in lviv you can find EUR interest rates in banks up to 14% y/y (although they will rapidly fall to 7-10% once the crisis ends). Ukrainian government guarantees deposits up to approximately $30 000 in a single bank, but if bankruptcy occurs, you may have to wait several years for it to be refunded. In the case of bank bankruptcy the sum you’ve got in that bank is transferred into grivnas, and you get it back after some time. This means, that you forcefully assume the currency risk right after the bankruptcy.

If you would like some more information, please, don’t hesitate to ask me.


don't mislead on the import of phones, you must be aware that now bringing loads of phones will be nearly impossible due to new controls and registration of IMEI numbers, so of course not immediately, but pretty soon those would be useless.
american dream
Cars- are the best
agree, US dollars :)
Of course $ - are the most popular USA product. And it is not only in Lvov.
But in general should certainly know you are interested in a product for a gift or busines...
I think it is iPhone 3G Cracked too ^_^
T-shirts with funny texts, prints...
CHEAP Iphone(we got them expensive)
There is no such american restaurants like Taco Bell, Wendys, Burger King, buffets, ...
Old american cars
ipods. iphones. notebooks.
ipods. iphones. laptops
Almost everything is double cheaper in the States then here in Ukraine
US Dollars!
If we are talking about gifts, so it can be iphones or some cloths, alos some alcohol drinks like whisky
Total agree - Iphone 3G. Ipod NANO last version.
North army hats with sables sign and original jackets from American civil war. used motorbikes.
If you want to bring products from us to ukraine,lets have a bussiness,what do u think about it?))))contact on
Iphone, Ipod..
Hello, u know i think that nowadays iPhones are very popular.
Usually, electronics and clothes are most sought after in Ukraine. They are much more expensive in Ukraine than in the West.
Things like Notebook Computers (HP & Apple esp.), clothes from Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Levi's cost a fortune in glamorous shopping malls in Ukraine, but are affordable in the States and Europe.
iPhones, maybe Gibson guitar, Harley, but the most popular is still McDonald`s
I don't think Lviv has any lack of US products. Think that USA would actually need a lot of things from here.
Mostly I think it's Apple I'Pod's.
Peanut butter!!!

What products do you mean? Goods or presents? Take everything that you wish if it's gift!
Herbalife-real poison:I just poisoned myself and now on treatment!
I don't think we need something special (if it's a gift), I would say we need just nice people to come and enjoy all the beauty with us!

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