What is Buenas Aires like? Busy, quiet, fun, scary???


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


This is a beautiful city, as everybody knows, one of the 10 top plac
If you like to meet people Buenos Aires is a very good place to do it. Lot`s of nocturnal life (you can be in the streets till 6 am if that`s what you want) and you don`t have major problems with security if you go places with other people. It`s not scary at all. People here love`s to go out and be with friends even during day time so its a busy city. Lots of public transportation and lots of cars too so the trafic is crazy. It`s a really nice place to visit. You have hotels, hostels and family places to stay you can also rent apartments per day, week or month if you want

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