Are there any low-cost hotels/B&Bs in Budapest - say under $50/day?


Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary


There is one-which I know-Evergreen Panzio, it is 68 EUR per 2 person per night including breakfast. If you are alone then it is 60 EUR per night. Good location, great interior. The house itself is not a big deal, as it is in an old building, but I checked the pansio myself and it is great.
Yes, sure! There are a lot, one of the best is: Home made hostel. Shared room: 12-15 euros and it's really in the center!

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I can highly recommend the Papillon Hotel. I've stayed there a few times - if you're travelling alone, it is 44 Euros per night, but for two people sharing it is 54 Euros per night. Breakfast is included, and othere meals in the restaurant are not very expensive. It's close to the centre, very close to the trams and buses.
Drive INN Hotel - €39 -
Marco Polo Youth Hostel in the downtown -
Try this: Hotel Ibis Budapest Emke () one night is 56.87 EUR with tax. Have a nice time in here!
Try this: Hotel Ibis Budapest Emke () one night is 56.87 EUR with tax. Have a nice time here!
this is a great place. check the website out!

cheers, mihaly
there is a new hostel, you can check this out as well. My girlfriend knows the owner, so absolutely no cheating. She said it is really a nice location and also brand new.

You can find different hotels here:

The lower part is about the cheaper opportunities.
Hi you should ask Grand hotel Chorintia, As far as I knowthey have some action and you can get room for60-65 Euro. And it's a 5 star hotel
easyhotel by easyjet
I would say there are several places. Some are hostels some are hotel in the outer districts. You should check on the net or write me and I can check a few availabilities for you.

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