Does Quito have a "tourist" bus that takes you around the city and back to the "old City"?


City: Quito

Province: Pichincha

Country: Ecuador


No. There is no tour bus. By the "Old City" do you mean the historical district? If that answer is yes, then you can catch a taxi from your hotel and walk all around the area. There are some great places to have lunch down in that area too. Also, you should check out Mariscal. Both of these places should only be visited during the day. Do you speak fluent Spanish? If not, good luck because it is very hard to find people who speak English.
Hi Richard. Quito does not have the service you refer to. You can, however, hire a private van or similar with other interested parties at any tourist agency in La Mariscal. Alternatively, you could hire a taxi for a day-long (negotiate the price up to USD 40).
there is no tourist bus, this is handled only by tour operators, if you want to do the old section and the equator is a full day tour, the colonial requires at least 5 hours, plus two of trip to middle of the world (go and come back) and 3 hours tour there. This full day with private facilities, all entrance fees, car Naturalist guide with PHD in Colonial Art is USD140 per person. So you must decide instead of being asking and asking nobody will take you for free. Just for your information in Jerusalem a day tour for one person is USD450.00 and there you don´t pay entrance fees
you can use the trole a round trip............
Hello Richard, unfortunately Quito do not have this service. I would also propose to walk around the historic center. I would also suggest to take a taxi to go up EL Panecillo, the hill in the historic center, to observe all the area from the hight 3000 m.
The taxies in Quito are save end economic way to travel to any destination.
Hi, there is not a Tourist bus, but there is a very easy to take public bus call "Trole", that take you from the old city to the north and south of the city (the historic center is just in the middle of the city), that could be helpful.
the best way to go around old town is walking.
take the "ecovia" or the "trole" and from there, u can just to walk.
you will get to see a lot there. Beautiful churches, museums, restaurants, etc.
Richard, there is not such a service in Quito like that, to go around the city you can take a half day tour from your hotel, it will be like 3 hours, or you can make it a full day trip visiting also the Equator(Equatorial line), at your hotel, they should have a contact, to make that tour in the most convinient way for you, if they dont, let me know and I will contact you directly with a private guide with private transportation, you can reach me directly thru this page.
on quito i dont know but you can see the tourist guide on hotels about quito and travels
...I think as you arrive on town, go to a Hotel like the Marriot, Colon or Swiss Hotel, which have very dedicated personell in the concierge department and tell them that yu want to go on a tour to the city in a budget, lets say 80 to 120 USD per 3 or 4 hours, I´m pretty shure they can hook you with a experienced tour guide/driver tha maybe have other pax in a similar situation. The prices that I posted are only referencial with what I think you may expect to spend, well is just an idea. Hope you enjoy Quito and have a great time in Ecuador...Bye LC
You could pay a taxi to do that

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