Where to stay in Koeln Germany for reasonable price? The beginning of December. Do you know the 3star hotel not far for the city centre.


Country: Germany


For sure it will not be that hard to find out which hotel is reasonable to stay in, because in germany all hotels has very close prices if they belong to the same class. The best cheap deal is trying a hostel. You should also consider the location of the hotel and the places that you want to visit and how often you will go down town, because transportation in germany are.......expensive. All what you need now is knowing how much money you want to blow and go check the net.
Thank you for the answer!
There is Dom Hotel - bang in front of Dom- also quite many- recommend- visit web site- , also 3 stars hotels are starting around €100/Double room/day- not always include B´fast. Best luck-
Thank you for the answer.
I can recommend the hotel "Am Augustinerplatz". It is located in the city centre. You can book it at a special rate on
Thank you you so much.
Thank you you so much.
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