which is best university in budapest


Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary


There are a lot of universities. What type of study are you interested in.

I think the best university is the CORVINUS and the Polytechnic University (BME) on the other side of the Danube if you want to study economic or polytechnic sciences.
There is two very good medical university: one in Budapest (SOTE) and one in Debrecen (DEOEC).
If you prefer to study natural sciences choose the ELTE in Budapest.
It depends, what you would like to study. For Economics it is Corvinus University for medical studies Semmelweis University.
depends on what you wish to study. pls specify and i will be able to give you the right answer

Budapest Business College (KKFK). :)))
What do you mean by 'best'? This definitely sounds like a hoax. A university is always specialized, so if you are interested in something, you have to include the topic into your question. But if you only mean 'the best university that money can buy', then I suggest you stay where you are... !
What do You want to study? There's a lot of University in Budapest.
1.Corvinus University = Best Study on Economy.
2. SOTE(Semmelweis Orvostudomanyi Egyetem) =Best for Medical Doctors,
3. BME (Budapest Muszaki Egyetem)= Best in Engineering studies (Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical an IT engineering)
hi,the most prestigious PRIVATE university is maybe CEU.
depends on your needs.what are you interested in?!
ELTE is the most popular but maybe because its the largest and oldest. There are several Universities depends what are you interested in.
this it depends, what you would like to learn. there is a numberless university in Budapest.
elte, sote, corvinus, bme...
corvinus is becoming the place to be
For me ELTE is the best, I'm studying there. :)
It depends on what you would like to study. For Philosophy I would recommend Karoli Gaspar University or ELTE.
Hi there, it's depends what kind of university are you looking for ? Finacial, economic, medecine, tell me more and I'll help you
Bye sandro

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