hi anyone know of any cool camping areas especially in naivasha and what the charges are?


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hi.There r many camping places in naivasha but i would recomend Panorama Htl which is situated on a hill,giving you a very goo view of the lake.
Well try Fishermans Camp , unfortunately dont have the charges , but there are quiet a number of hotels along the lake as well as in Navasha town itself.
Enjoy your holiday.
Hi Otieno, there are a number of camps around lake Naivasha,but i would recommend : Cray Fish, Fish Eagle inn
Hi. There is Fisherman's Camp or Crayfish Camp. Charges most likely around KSH 400 per person per night. Regards
Fish eagle inn is the place to be, they charge approximately 2k/night/tent, boat riding is also available where you will get to see hippos if at all you are lucky. Note that Fishermans camp is exclusively for camping alone, usually parked during holidays.
HI there is the "Crater Lake" that has a landscape truly breathtaking and the camping fee is just affordable,You can also do a game viewing within the game reserve which would be real fun.
There are many Camping places around Lake Naivasha. Prices vary accordingly too and so I'd ask what your budget is and I'll suggest a camping place.

For more information do not hesitate to contact Animal Passion Tours & Safaris. Email:
Tel: 0721411044
Crayfish camp would be the best for me
Let me say that there are very many camping places and the price varies. please check on your budget so that i can recommend you to a place within your budget. thanks.
Fisherman's camp is real nice and Carnellie's camp is real good they both have hot water and a nice bar and resaurant.
well i think you should try cry fish, fish eagle inn i think it look so amazing try you be well there
Hello Yukabeth..There are several campsites in Naivasha as they all surround the lake around the lake shore.The most famous one Fish eagle , Fishermans camp , hippo camp etc etc.But the one that i like most and clean and calme that i prefer is the Marina camp site which is situated not very far from Naivasha town.The price of the camp if you bring your own tent is 500 ksh per tent and cost about 3000 ksh for a room if you want any.This place has the hottest showers and also a restaurant where you can order if dont feel like cooking.The lady who runs the place is known as Tabitha and she is very helpfull....
there are several places for camping in Naivasha .i would recommend fishermans and crayfish camps.
Hi there.I would recommend cray fish is one of the best places around Naivasha
Hi Yucabeth. My name is Jacqueline and I own a tours and travel company. This weekend my team are organising a camping trip to Hell's Gate, Naivasha. Everything is catered for and the charges are KSh.6,500.00 per person and KSh.10,000.00 per couple. This includes:
nature trails, bird-watching, hiking, biking, boating.
Hey there are very many good camping sites in and around Naivasha. All you have to do is just specify how much you willing to spend and for how many days. Then you can totally enjoy yourself. For much more kindly contact or call 053-20-32-353 or 0736-32-35-31
Yes, there are a few nice clean camping areas by the lake, as well as self-catering cottages that offer accommodation, utensils, and you bring own food and drinks. It is ideal especially if traveling with groups, peers, and cost about 2000 or less per group of four...Also at Naivasha, there are luxurious holiday homes that are normally rent out, to accommodate about 8 people in 3 bedroomed houses wz living rooms and private compounds, for about Ksh. 20,000.. Budget hotels available as well and offer meals..
Naivasha is a camping paradise and some of the sites you can consider are:
- Crayfish grounds
- Fishermans' Camp
- Carnalleys Camping Area
- Naivasha Resort
- Mariners etc
The camping fees differs from one campsite to the other, however the range is Ksh. 150.00 - 350.00 per night. Note: some campsites have basic bathroom facilities while others dont. Be free to ask for more information.
Located on Lake Naivasha in enchanting Kenya Camp Carnelley's is a must see on your African tour. Regardless if you just drop by or stay with us.
Carnelley’s is a tranquil campsite with beautiful bushy grounds. The monkeys swing from the trees and the hippos graze on the pier. Over the years Camp Carnelley's has become one of the most famous locations on Lake Naivasha. We are not just a campsite, We have it all from accommodation, "Lazybones" bar and restaurant, onsite activities and custom excursions including the ultimate safari.
Cost $180
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Come and enjoy the true taste of Naivasha by pitching at our yards. Our excellent partnership with other pitch providers in and around Naivasha means that you will simply be spoilt with the variety of camping sites and facilities you can take on.

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Naivasha is good place for camping and we have large grounds which can accomodate a huge crowd.You can check on
-Fisheagle camp
-Crayfish camp
-Fishermans camp
-Hippo boats and safaris camp
-Carnelly camp
You can have a lot of activities and the locals can assist in doing some of the work.

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